Monday, November 12, 2007



It'll be interesting to know that THIS ain't one of my stress-busters.

It's the CAUSE of my stress.

My boss's wife returned from Vietnam with a bunch of these lilies in hand and sought to arrange some into the vase.

Nice to see? Try being stuck in the office with these within 2 metres from you. I'm surprised if the scent doesn't get to you.

... And give you a headache.

Now that I'm alone, just so tempted to put it on the balcony outside.

But no, I ain't getting any nearer to those.

Nothing like a weeny bit of indulgence to get me going while I do a bit of over-timing (yes, I know it's a monday).

Raid the pantry and satiate myself with some crisp cereals (cranberry-almond crunch), oreos and milo in a very deep ceramic bowl that is utterly mismatched with the stiff plastic spoon I used to eat.

But it's nice. Ahh.. Comfort food.

Work is getting to be a real nice solace, if you ask me.

....Or try the easy way out.


View pics of gorgeous guys.

You know like.....

Takeshi Kaneshiro...?

.... No?

Or .....

.... Dennis Joseph O'Neil??


Dennis Oh.

Dennis Oh-so-beautiful.


Yes, CT & bAyYa is back!

Back to her normal self that is.

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