Monday, November 19, 2007

the red house

the red house

Oh just another something to add to the list called:

Stupids Things I Do / Things I Do that Scared My Parents So

So my bro has a bunch of collegues who live deep in Loyang, along Jalan Loyang Besar, 15 mins walk from Downtown East, Pasir Ris.

And those in the know, should be aware that it is also where The Red House is located.

It is a derelict, abandoned single-storey bungalow that is painted red (though by now the paint had faded to a less scarier shade of the above-mentioned colour).

This place is somewhat known for the 2 stone lions guarding the gate.

Anyway, I have been most curious about this place and finally that Friday, my bro's Aussie collegue finally relented and accept my bro's offer to drive him home.

He had given my bro a 'kuini', a variety of mango with the most sickeningly fragrant scent; not to mention uber-delicious flesh.

He had collected the fruit from within the compounds of The Red House.

As I passed the site that's engulfed in total darkness (it was past 10pm), I excitedly said to my bro," The gate is unlocked! Can I go in?"

And the sweet bro of mine replied, "After we drop James off, I'll park outside and let you go."And so he parked on THE OTHER SIDE of the road and I practically hopped off the car.

Yes, I went in alone.

So excited was I, that I went in empty-handed; no torchlight, not even my handphone (which can be pretty reliable to provide some desired brightness).

I went down the sloping, winding path, almost reaching the house when I made a smart move to put my hands in front of my face. Despite the lit apartments in the neighbouring lot, the darkness within the compounds of this place was so thick due to the overgrown and unkempt vegetation that I barely see my hands in front of me!

So I dejectedly walked back out to my bro. I gave the stone lions a second look. There's something about them.... It's their eyes...

Got in the car and he drove off. I bet he was relieved. Scaredy-cat! He didn't even get out of the car!

I sent him to work early Sunday morning. I remember his colleague had said that when he went there to collect some mangoes the morning before, he saw an uncle walking out with TWO bagfuls of the mangoes, leaving him with none of the good ones. Disappointed, he went to work empty-handed.

Bored, I told my bro of my desire to go back in there. He told me, "Good! Then you can bring back the mangoes for me!"

So after dropping him off at Downtown East, I drove up to The Red House again. The neighbourhood was kinda' quiet. Nobody has woken up yet, I guess.

The gate remain unlocked so I ventured in and looked forward to peeking into the house. Somehow I got distracted by the mangoes on the ground. I felt like a kid again, I went deeper and deeper, looking for the fruits. I ended up walking out with four nice ones (the rest are either rotting or ruptured due to a bad fall).

As I put in the mangoes, I looked back at the house. It doesn't seem that creepy in the day. I almost went back in until I saw this road sweeper nearby. I was a tad embarrassed, knowing that he's seen me trespassing into the grounds of that derelict house. Besides, I dun feel like leaving my car out there with the engine running. So I drove off.

If the strong scent of one 'kuini' is bad enough to drive me crazy, what more four??! So I drove back with the windows down.

As I excitedly told my parents about how I got them mangoes, they were like, "Why didn't tell us? We could have come along!"

That was in the morning. When my relatives knew of my exploits later in the day, these black sheep told me of the various implications of having a girl walk in alone into the grounds of a house that is known to be haunted.

My mum got so creeped out that she reprimanded me and warned me not to go back there.


Man, I hate these wet blankets! I have yet to see what's inside the house! And I dun feel like going against my mum's words...

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