Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm ok now

I'm ok now

....Really! To all who gave words of advice (you know who you are!), THANK YOU. I appreciate the concern.

I followed your advice and resolved to finally talk a bit about this matter with my parents.

What better way than over a good meal, rite?

After the small discussion did I feel soo much better. I finally have a more open mind. There's no turning back but at least it makes my path ahead look... well, more passable.

I can see their enthused faces. All of them. The tilt in their voice, the bright eyes. Yet nobody looked at me in the face with regards to the matter.

I'm to be kept in the dark, don't I?

The wagon-of-enthusiasm seem to be going at a break-neck speed and yet many around me has managed jumped onto it while I was struggling to catch up.

I will get onto it... eventually.

Pray that I will. I'd better.


minerva said...

Great news, Bayya! :)
Am proud of you, and gladdened that things are turning out ok.
Cheers & Wishes of Courage comin' your way.. Stay cool & cheery, dear chum.
Bestest wishes always, me*
p.s. Neat ad image of Takeshi Kaneshiro.. ;)

CT said...

With you people backing me and being there when I need much sought-after words of advice, how can I not make my way out of this?

Thank you.

Aniwae, just what is not neat when it comes to images of my Takeshi? heheh...