Friday, November 16, 2007


a premonition on an impending death

I have these 3 neighbours.

Neighbour A is a masseuse who lives on the 9th floor right below me.

Neighbour B is a family of 4 who live 2 doors aways from Neighbour A on the same level.

Neighbour C is a lady who is now bedridden after her condition deteriorate due to a major stroke. She lives on the 8th floor.

My parents are close to both this couple who has 2 teenage sons, that is Neighbour B.

When Neighbour A came by my house for Hari Raya, she mentioned in passing that recently, she's been 'smelling' this scent, a certain scent which she said, is assimilated with death.

Yes, it sounds bizarre but my mum had said that a masseuse like her is 'blessed' with the gift of 'knowing'.

She claimed to have smelt the 'scent' in right from the lift lobby area. Our block is the old kind so the lift stops at the 9th storey. All of us use that lift lobby.

She had suspected that Neighbour C's condition have deteriorated so badly that it 'might not be long now'.

Yesterday, the husband in the Neighbour B household passed away.

Apparently, he fell off his bike and the impact of hitting his head on the kerb proved fatal.

Is that saying that Neighbour A had indeed sensed the 'scent of death'? But she was mistaken as to who the scent belong to?

We can never really know fate. Even though it's said that signs on one's impending death appears 40days before it actually happen.

I dun really wish to have her gift. It's freaky.

Al-Fatihah buat rohnya. Semoga dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah s.w.t.

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