Tuesday, November 27, 2007

small & simple?

so much for wanting things small & simple.. pfft!

All hopes for that flew out the window.

I got one super-excited mum. A mum who will spend A LOT in her excitement. And A LOT of tat will come from my pockets.

I dare not find out whom she's inviting. My parents almost argued when my dad tried to stop her from inviting those far-flung ones.

I asked that I wear this number which I've worn only ONCE, years back.

She wants to tailor a whole new suit.

Fine. At least she lets me choose the colour.

The day she went shopping, she came back with TWO sets of cloth. GLITTERY cloth. She wants me to have a change of clothes. Goodness!

I'm baulking at the fact that I have to buy a ring, which I deem pretty unecessary but it seems that EVERYONE thinks it's the proper thing to do.


At least my relative is willing to loan out what her daughter used previously, for the tray cloth. Haha!

And it seems that there are many who are more excited than I am. They have requested that I 'reserve' trays for them beacause they wanna contribute 'something'.

That's superb! So I wont have to think about what to give. Keep it coming! But there's a limit though. I don't want 'the other side' having to bring back 2 trays per person.

Oh, so who's providing the fruit basket? Anyone...? I've already got cupcakes, chocolates, pastry basket, confectionery and a mysterious something that Tini is wanting to give.

I only specify that they don't stray from the colour of the cloth used. Funny thing is, I'm not sure what colour it is. I just said green (favourite colour, ok??).

My aunt had not told me of the colour. Hope there's none of the contributors who got a tad over-zealous and already start with their preparations....

And my boss has been bombarding me with never-ending questions. So much so that I got scared.

She's making me doubt my decision. She's making me apprehensive. I hope I don't get panic attacks as the day comes near.

I know my mum will.

And I need to lose some weight. My cheeks are too chubby for photo-taking.

I'm so miserly, you say? Try going through this. After a (very) short notice.


minerva said...

Wow, sounds like preps are getting fully underway, dear chum. All the very best to keep your cool throughout, yea ~ U Can Do It!

Breathe now.. & Stay cool, as always. ;)
Loadsa luv & Cheery Hugz,

CT said...

FYI, i'm just getting engaged.

but the preparations that my mum makes is like as if i'm already getting married.

i dare not think what's in store for my wedding (not till at least a year from now).

minerva said...

Okayyy.. ;)
Stay cheery, as always, dear Bayya.
Hugz, me*