Thursday, June 28, 2007

mawang last epi

mawang last epi.

Pardon my hiatus.

It's either that I'm busy watching Korean dramas or my internet connection screw up. This time it's the latter (really!)

Anyway, work has been piling up in the office so I'm pretty bushed by the time I got home. After 9hrs infront of the monitor, I believe my eyes deserve a break (by watching tv!!!)

I've been raving so much about this KBS drama, Mawang (Devil/Lucifer/Satan) and I caught the last episode (wouldn't miss it for the world).

My heart's still aching.

I can't believe they cram so much into one episode. My heartstrings almost snapped.

Just how heart-wrenching can an ending be???!

Aaaargh! I should probably just sleep it off.

Oh wait, my collegue's asked that I relate this episode to her tomorrow...

Be still, my heart....

Despite this being just his 2nd acting stint, Joo Ji Hon's doing pretty well. His character in this drama was a pretty intense one and he really shine through, especially in the final few episodes.

Heard he lost like 11lbs. to suit this role??? (like he's not lanky enuff...)

I managed to catch his interview on KBS's Entertainment Relay and he actually credited his improved acting to Uhm Tae-woong, his co-star in this drama.

Does make sense, considering Tae-woong has had experience in potraying such intense roles previously.

And I totally dig the soundtrack. The moody, classical overtones and even brooding ballads are intriguing. Worth listening in loops.

Ping me if you want the soundtracks. If you're lucky, I'll be good enough to have them in my Multiply.

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