Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love Truly

Yet another K-drama (stuck again!)

I'm trying my darndest to finish this new drama. Love Truly/I Really Really Like You (literally translated).

Starring: Eugene : Ryu Jin : Lee Min Ki

I have too many entries done 1/2 way (still in draft mode), many events to write about (I write entries mainly to remind myself) and I am still stuck with this freaking show!!


And I'm waist-deep into the plot to give up. And I think the story's pretty nice... *sheepish*.

Problem with this show is that it's unlike other dramas with either 16 or 24 episodes. This one here has THIRTY-FOUR freaking episodes and I only know about that when I got to the 14th ep.! No wonder the plot seem to be getting thicker when I assumed it to be ending (yah rite!).

Thanks so much, 'K' for recommending me this and much thanks to my boss's wifey who brought back a bagful of K-Drama box-sets (I still got 2 more to watch!), thanks to her friend who make business trips to China (okay, okay, I'm being sarcastic, here).

**And I said I've no time to blog? Geez, I just wrote an entry here!

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