Saturday, June 02, 2007

bro 28 bdae

my (only) bro's birthday

Happi 28th 'twenty-fourth' B'dae Bro!

This is my bro.

He reminds me a lot like Shrek.

Like me, he's someone whose interests varies over time. However, unlike me, he's passionate about his interests when he's keen.

I remember once, he's got his band logo and photos for the album cover ready. He's was very much into the undergound music scene, then.

I don't know what happened. Wham bam, thank you m'am! That music dream dissipated into thin air. *poof!* just liddat. In fact his bassist joined another band and they've been performing everywhere, even Down Under! Not to mention having TWO albums already.

Then he caught the 'hang-loose' groove. He love everything about surfing, except doing it. Cos' the boards are so friggin' expensive, yo! And Singapore ain't got the waves for that. But he wore flip-flops, tees and boardshorts to EVERYWHERE, even weddings. Grr...!

However, sometime last year, he got crazy about skateboards. He got himself not one but TWO of those things. He will skate around after work and spend his off days practicing his flips and ollies. I accompanied him to Spitfire for the many times he changed his wheels and bearings or upgrade his trucks. I bought him most of his skating gear and help him choose his (really expensive!) shoes.

Recently, he changed his hobby - AGAIN.

He dismantled his skateboard. Sold off his trucks (a skateboard part - really expensive!) and ditched his Element tees. Now he don back his Quilsilvers, Billabongs and O'neills.

Back to surfer basics? Yes. With the equipment to boot.

Not exactly a surfboard. He bacame more realistic. Got himself a skimboard.

Now he spent his off days at East Coast Park. And got his collegues to join him. Now a couple of them bought skimboards too.

And for his birthday recently, I'm at loss as to what to buy him. He got most of what one can possibly get for a beach bum.

I almost ordered a pair of polarized Electric sunglassed online, since he wanted the Bam Margera type (thank goodness I didn't!). In fact, I shooped for his schtuffs only the day before. Walked around Orchard road and visited 3 Flash n Splash branches and got him these:

A 'Miami Ink' inspired rashguard. Only 1 branch had this design in his size. Took the last piece.

This pair of Reef flip-flops. Don't be fooled by the term, 'flip-flops'. They cost like any good shoe out there.
Maybe it's the bottle-opener at the bottom. Heck, I dun even know there's a bottle-opener, yo!

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