Thursday, June 14, 2007


let's talk about something....

I keep saying that ain't got the time to update but this is my 2nd time blogging today. Shhesh!

Maybe it's because I'm at work. And doing a task that makes my attention-span pretty short-lived.

Okayyy..... What should I write about? *taps keyboard*

My pet topic. Hallyu!!! (did I hear a groan somewhere?)

K-wave. I'm sooo riding it. Korean dramas. Korean music. Korean fashion. Korean food. Korean documentaries. Korean news (yes, I watch those). And Korean MEN! oh yeahhhhh!

Like right now, I watched at least FOUR different Korean dramas DAILY.

7-8pm: Be Strong Geum Soon! - Ch U
7.20-8pm: Wide As The Earth, High As The Sky - KBS
9-10pm: Flowers For My Life (Mon-Tue) - KBS
: Mawang/Lucifer (Wed-Thu) - KBS
10pm onwards : Love Truly/Really Really Like You - DVD

And I can't miss watching Entertainment Relay - an info-tainment show where they have updates on various Korean drama/movie/music/comedy celebrities.

Then there's Open Concert and Yoon Do-Hyun's Love Letter on the weekends, where you can see various famous singers perform (yes, even Rain).

I watched the channel KBS like 80% of the time. And I may dad had to relent because I have the backing of my mum who's a fellow Hallyu fan.

I can't remember when I start this craze but I remember my very first K-Drama was this racing drama, The Asphalt Guy (Legend of Car God), starring Lee Byung Hun and Jeong Woo Seong.

Then there was All In, starring Byung-hun and his ex-gf, Song Hae Gyo.

Then I got involved with the ultra-sappy, tragic drama, Autumn In My Heart starring Hye Gyo and two hotties, Song Seung Hun & Won Bin.

Then Winter Sonata came and wham-bam-thank-you-m'am! Everyone loves their Korean dramas.
Bae Yong Joon became everyone's hero and the darn theme songs played in everyone' head in loops (okay, it did in mine).

The rest, as they say - is History. Till' now I'm still crazy bout Korean dramas. Been more than 10 years, for sure. Still going strong.

Hey, anybody wonders where all the Japanese dramas have gone??! Miss them, lei!

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