Monday, August 09, 2004

The long weekend is just over. So what if it's a long weekend? I hardly had any fun out of it. Ok, lah. Getting involved in a wedding is pretty fun. And tiring.

Friday(eve)- Overtime. Suddenly realized I gotta lotsa' deadlines by next Wed.
- Send my granny to my uncle's @ Bukit Panjang.
-Drop by my aunt's (who's having the wedding) to see wat's up and realised there's lots to be done. Help 2 decorate the wedding gifts. Stayed there till 1+am. Brought my niece from Blakang Padang(who's a yr younger and supposedly looked like me..har har) home. Luckily we got along...

Sat(morn.)- Collect epok2x from my fren's for my aunt. Brought my niece, Indah(yeap, that's her name) along.
- Realised that the wedding gifts are still not ready. The nikah is this afternoon. Rushed. I dunno if the family is impressed but we ( inclusive of moi cousins) are given the job to style up the mas-kahwin, collect the cake, decorate the bridal car...Whatever. Dunno that a stressed-up bridegroom can be super irritating(sorry Abg. Ani..)
- After the nikah, got back to attend my neighbour's wedding and drove my parents to 2 more. Came back to the wedding to fetch my niece and her family who just arrived, 2 my home. Tot of coming back and O/N at the wedding. Too tired, liao. By then it's almost 1. Slept while talking to my mom while watchin' Winter Sonata.

Sun(till' eve.)- THE WEDDING. My cousin gotta' a great no. of bikes to escort him to his wifey's. Wah lau. 6 Harleys + more than 10 scooters & vespas + more than 10 tzrs..Whatever it is the procession turned heads (you would if you see the ruckus) The whole area is covered in helluva' noise and exhaust fumes and the smell of burnt rubber.
- Back to work @ moi cousin's wedding.
- Back home with the Blakang Padang family. Brought them to the nearby pasar malam. Packed, man.

Mon(till' eve)- Brought the Blakang Padang family to Geylang.
- Send them to Harbourfront Ferry terminal.
-Realized it's moi uncle's b-dae. Bought a cake to celebrate with him + bought some medication for my aunt who lost her voice.
-Send my mom to buy some health supplements. Missed national day celeb. but caught it on the car radio.
-Gotta miss Goh Chok Tong as Prime Minister...*sob. He's a great man.

END OF STORY....kinda' long, eh? So much for trying to shorten my entries...

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