Saturday, August 21, 2004

The epitome of perfection in women...Dressed 60's style, perfectly coiffured hair, better being blonde, heels, good ettiquette and ALWAYS serves the husband...Scary...

Watched The Stepford Wives yesterday..Boooring.... I just need to entertain myself. Nic Kidman looks horribly tall beside Matt Broderick. In fact, she looks like a giant 1/2 the time. The whole movie is fake, corny and ridiculously streotyped. See how narrow ppl can be. Even the twist is no less twisted than Alice In The Wonderland.
The only good thing bout' this movie? Gorgeous gardens and even superb-looking cars at the men's clubhouse courtyard.

Ok...An extract from
"...It's Got: Pastel dresses, caked-on make-up, and the most prettiest ATM machine you'll ever clap eyes on.
It Needs: A finale that doesn't look like it's been hurriedly stuck on after the dismal failure of audience test screenings (which, in actual fact, it was).
Alternatives: The Stepford Wives (1975), To Die For, The First Wives Club
Summary: It's safe to say nobody will remember this version twenty years down the line - but it's a reasonable enough distraction while it's on. 6/10
Review by Gary Panton..."

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