Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ian Thorpe, world record holder, Gold medalist, 200m men's swimming

Despite the fatigue of working almost 12 hrs in the office, I was still able to stay up to catch my favourite Olympic sport - starting at less...swimming..! Woo hoo! Especially the ultimate showdown back on 16th Aug..The 200m mens' freestyle...

To see all my 3 heroes on the podium...Priceless...
Bronze~Michael Phelps (USA)
Silver~Pieter Van Hoogenband a.k.a Hoogie (Nederlands)
Gold~ Ian Thorpe a.k.a Thorpedo (Australia)

FYI..Michael Phelps is the mens' butterfly champion...Whoo!

The women gave lotsa' surprises. China gotta their first gold in swimming in years...The world champion fell...And a rising star in the form of a 16-yr old from Italy... And the Romanian swimmer who didn't know she won...Yep, an underdog..Even the commentators hardly notice/talk bout' her.

Then 2 days back, I found out the Hoogie and former world champion/the original 'torpedo' - Alexander Popov, didn't make it thru' the qulifying round for 100m freestyle. Disappointing...Hoogie is always the one with the fastest time... And Popov is revered even by Ian Thorpe himself...Shucks...

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