Sunday, August 22, 2004

Like I said, watchin at IMAX has always been a great experience. Everything is just so much larger-than-life('life' referring to regular theatres...)
When the action starts, I can't help wincing everytime Spidey kena hit or when he fell (which happened rather often...)When something funny happened(he's a klutz..) it was almost hilarious. When he got heart broke.... Anyway he looks like a 12-yr old kid 1/2 the time...
But everything has its not-so-good part. When it's boring(happens with his aunt....) I couldn't take it. Felt like fast-forwarding. If watchin it normally would be 8/10..This IMAX experience mekes it 9/10..It felt THAT much better. much do you think GV paid me to promote their IMAX theatre?

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