Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I have this knack for using metaphors to get my point thru' though I wonder if it really works... Eg:

"...You've dug the whole..You gotta cover it up yourself. Be careful that you dun fall in. Someone may help you, but that person won't have any idea why the hole is there, what it's for. Even if you tell, it won't have much significance on that individual cos' he/she is not the un' who dug the hole in the 1st place...Quickly fill back the hole, before you tire of the idea, before the sun harden the soil or the rain burden it... Ppl may fall in, maybe get hurt. Maybe it can even be yourself..."

Meaning: You got yourself into trouble, you get yourself out of the mess. Make sure you are not trapped by your own problems. Someone may help you but may not know why the problem surfaced. As much as you try to explain, that person may not be able to relate themselves to the situation for it's not their undoing anyway. If you dun settle the problem early, you may drag the issue & circumstances may complicate the situation further, getting others involved unecessarily or you may fall even deeper into the problem...

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