Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nothing pisses me off more that clashing tv programmes. Ever had one day when you have to struggle with the remote control, practice perfect timing and solely trust your instincts all at the same time cos' all your 3 favourite tv programmes are playing at 3 different channels? The best part - all chose to play the commercials at the same time. Drats!
Especially last wednesday. I discovered that Amazing Race played at 2000 on AXN. I decide to catch that since I'm sending me mom to work at 2230 and will miss the Ch 5 version. Then the greatest part. . .
2130-TV 3-Black Sash
2200-Central-Film Art 'Adour'
2300-Ch 5-CSI:Miami

Last Friday....Indonesian Idol @ 2030 RCTI}
Malaysian Idol @ 2100 TV 8} This un the best - I risk missing the GOOD CONTESTANTS SINGING..sheesh....

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