Monday, July 12, 2004

Hey there, sorry, lah...Been sometime since I last update my blog but I'm juz too tired. Full time driver, part-time daughter. Been ferrying my parents around, esp. sinc my poor gramma is now in Jurong, been goin there to & fro.
Nothing much except that this weekend has been lotsa' 'first times' for me as a driver. 1st time on expressways, parking at multi-storey CPs, go to shopping malls, use cashcard payment, parallel parking and joyride to ECP with my pal, Shyba. All in 2 days. See, told you I drove around(thou a bit too much...)
My gramma looks so shrunken now that I was so scared for her. She just been thru' knee surgery only yet she looked like she been thru' much worse. This happened before... My great-gramma only broke her hip-bone and now she's no more...One thing leads to another....Wokay..wokay..She's gonna be fine..She's gonna be fine....Insya-Allah...em>

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