Thursday, July 22, 2004

I can't believe I actually make a fool of myself with the previous blog...I sure sound like one of those silly girls who actually hold hopes of snaring their fav. actor...Bleagh... Dream on.
Whatever.. I wonder if there's anyone one there who has an effective remedy for absent-mindedness..Of the serious kind. Really... Yesterday, driving home from work, I actually did not turn on the headlights. Yeap..And I left the office at 1930..Dark, I'd say. It's only after I drop my collegue off, that this lady has the courtesy of flagging me down to tell me bout' my headlights... (Thank god it's a civillian...Not the TP..Phew!) I almost banged my head on the steering wheel. Dumb-ass! What if something happened?! Of course I never breathe a word of this to my family.. (Esp. moi dad..) He'll nag...and nag...and nag.....
The reason why I dared to blog this is beacuse my family dunno bout' this blog...Hope my bro dun figure out... Well... it helps if u guys keep mum.... Orite?! *lock pinkies*

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