Monday, July 19, 2004

I AM getting lazier and lazier to update this thingy. See the pic of the Greeks? Still there! That was ages ago! Sheesh...
My weekend calendars now jam-packed(esp. now with me being the full time driver). Basir & the other guys..So so sorry. Been turning down our meet-ups 2 straight weeks..I noe u guys are pissed. But I will try to make it for the nex un'.
Jus warning you, the National Day weekend is out of question. Got weddingSSSSS..Is that 5s there? That's the no. of weddings that weekend, including the big un', my own cousin's wedding. That will take up the whole of that Sun. That weekend would not have been busy for me, if not for the fact that I have to bring my parents to all the various locations for the jemputanssss. Why, oh why do my bro have to work as a lifeguard(trainee) !
Can't he take a regular 9-5 job or at least one that have off-days on the weekends! Hmmpf! Who am I to complain? Not that I dun like to drive, but I kinda despise long distance driving. Just step on the gas and nothing else and brake a bit when it goes too fast. No adventure, lah! But night drives are fun, esp. down ECP. Love that place. Gotta go there someday...Again. Heee..
My dad should get his license, man. Not as if he can't drive. He just dun want to. Maybe he's the scared un'...My cousin has be chiding me.."Eh, like this, whenever I see ur parents, I'll c u, lah?" He may be joking, but it hit right on target. My already dissipating life is diminished. Now I'm my parents "little girl" aka The Driver. Heh, sounds like a character from Kill Bill...
That saturday I chose to go out with my fren, leaving my parents having to go to Jurong on their own. Felt so bad, man... Well, I can't have my cake & eat it at the same time. Please moi frens or appease moi parents... Take it or leave it. Ciao.

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