Monday, July 05, 2004

Greece won, lah. My bro called it, "A present for the Olympics." Rubbish. Buth Greece & Portugal ain't really my fav. but been a little on Portugal's side towards the end. But Greece did play really well this morn. I may not realli like Christiano "The-Teen" Ronaldo tat much but his passion can put other senior players to shame. He may lose a ball but he will go all the way to get it back. Maybe that passion comes with his youth. Nonchalance.
Then there's the Ex-Brazilian "Hoobastank" Deco. Little thing that has a talent that's way bigger than his size. Whoa! All that hoo-haa bout' Luis "most-no.-of-fouls-in LaLiga" Figo not liking Deco's status as a former Brazilian made me curious bout' this little fella. But Figo deserves some respect too, esp. after his play with Holland. "The Evangelist", the say. Whatever. But to discard that ever-burdening ego of his, for the sake of team unity, esp. since he's the captain, he's reached another level. Scolari still the best coach(hey, Brazil didn't win the World Cup for nothin..) Oh, sorry Wenger, you too.
Thought I am not affected by Portugal's loss, but when my boss(who's not into soccer) asked me who won, my heart sank. Maybe the truth hurts after all. But things happen for a reason, dun they? Thinking bout' those sad/unhappy/disappointed faces of fans & players heart really goes out to them. Hey, I can still feel it while typing this...
Amazing. The tournament ends the same way it starts. With the loss, included. Strange, but true.... Hey, how much have you guys lost/won???!! Posted by Hello

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