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Siamese Cat Restaurant

**Right this moment I want to kick myself for discarding the receipt for our meal here. Pardon me if I can't give the actual name of the item. Not to mention the price.

We were heading out for dinner for my bro's belated birthday celebration and were planning on a new eating place to try out. My bro remarked that he saw this restaurant along Changi Road called something along the line of 'Siam Cat' when he drove past. He said that the 'Halal' symbol was quite prominent, making him really curious.

I knew right then, what he was talking about. I always came by this area for lunch with my colleagues. We usually frequent 'Bagus' Yong Tau Foo, located at the very end on the same row. Ever since I knew of their 'Halal' certification, I got pretty curious, too.

With a name like 'Siamese Cat', I naturally assumed that they serve Thai food (you really can't fault me for that). Imagine my surprise to know that they also serve Cantonese food (my mind immediately flew to Razack's Kitchen, located 2 doors down).

Even more interesting, they actually use organic tofu, vegetable and rice. There's also freshly squeezed organic fruit juice, even organic tea and coffee.


Upon entering, you can't help but be taken in by the use of psychedelic colours and vivid slants (even the picture frames) to jazz up the pretty stark interior.

Also can't help noticing how every table's furnishing sets are different from one another. Very quirky in that sense.

And also how they play mellow music that makes you feel like in a spa (or something to that extent).

Long table

For big group reservation, perhaps?

Towards the kitchen and washrooms

There are a couple of clean toilet cubicles with wash hand basin inside. There's another basin for washing hands outside.

Refreshment counter & storeroom cum mussolah

My dad casually asked the person manning the dining floor, if they have a 'corner' for us to pray at at since it's already Maghrib.

He pointed towards the store room located behind the refreshment counter. Their teeny-tiny store room (behind that door with the Quranic verses) can only accommodate 1 person at a time. There's a prayer mat inside but no 'telekung' (female prayer garb), though.

The said staff is also very friendly. He patiently stood by as we kept changing our minds on what to order, he made helpful recommendations and enquired back with us about the food. Best of all, he tolerated my toddler's antics. :P

Refreshing drink

I remember my brother ordering ice-lemon tea (or something like that). My dad and I chose a hot, ginger drink.

The ginger drink was not really for everyone. It had this 'herbal' kind of taste, akin to Chinese medicine (to me, that is). And it's not sweetened. I enjoyed it though, for I'm the kind who don't mind her medication. really warm the belly and help to ease indigestion.

And that drink above, two glasses of those came to our table (we only ordered one). In my thirst, I drank it anyway. Oh gosh. That drink was tasty or what? Was that really lemon tea?? Maybe it's honey-lemon tea, I don't know (I threw out the receipt, remember?).

Another thing was that I asked for plain water for my kiddo and I also drank it (I was really thirsty). The plain water tasted somewhat different (in a nice way). When I was heading to the storeroom to pray, I saw that they have this water dispenser (the hot/cold type). I actually wondered if they serve water from that. And they really did.

They call it 'anti-oxidant alkaline' water'. Whoa, the extent that they go to serve healthier things… Even water isn't excluded. 

Sour and Spicy soup

As we scan through the 'soup' section of the menu, my eyes lit up when I saw that they serve Sour and Spicy soup (Szechuan style).

I informed my parents about this and we agreed in unison that we shall have this, despite the server informing us that the Fish Maw & Crabmeat soup is really popular.

When this came and the soup was scooped into individual bowls, I was excited to see it filled with a chock full of ingredients. I really love the organic tofu that they use and this type of stringy fungus that's crunchy to the bite.

The soup itself was a nice balance of savoury hot & sour and I don't see the need to pour in more of that black vinegar. I really like their version. Even my parents agree. We've tried this dish at many places and this one is definitely one of the better ones.

We used to enjoy the one from the neighbouring Razack's Kichen but the one we had the previous time somewhat disappoint us. Too bad.

I was apprehensive about my bro trying this dish out. He's quite the picky eater and weird or strange foods definitely don't appeal to him. Surprisingly, he finished his bowl and even remarked that it's nice. Whoa!

Chicken & seafood fried rice

Before frying this, I saw that the cook (who is also the manager) scoop some white rice into a plate before heading back into the kitchen.

I also noticed that the rice wasn't THAT white. It looked like chicken rice, actually. I pointed it out to my mum and she told me that they used organic, unpolished rice. Ahh… why didn't I think of that!

I like this fried rice. A lot. Very savoury. Full of flavour and they are generous with the fillers.

We also realise that the medium portion doesn't suffice for us all. We really should have ordered the large one. We end up ordering a second portion of this.

Sambal Imperial Shoot

This vegetable is also called 'Di Huang Miao' by the Chinese. Another name is 'Ceylon Spinach'.

I always chose this when I had lunch at the nearby 'Bagus' Yong Tau Foo but my parents had no idea what it really is like. I'm glad that they were game enough to try something new because they end up really liking this veggie.

The thing about this is that it has got a taste that's stronger than regular spinach (that explains its deep green colour) and when cooked, it can be a tad slimy.

Even my brother don't mind eating this. Whoa. Someone's definitely starting to eat healthy…!

Honey Glazed chicken 
(a hungry someone already took 1 pc)

This. is. awesome! Maybe it's my Javanese tastebuds- my penchant for savoury foods with hints of sweetness. But I really love this dish, no matter where I have it, actually. However, different places have different wayS of preparing it.

Ah Nam prepared their's similarly to 'har cheong kai'. Crispy, battered winglets coated with honey sauce.
Fisher's Tavern use boneless chicken meat.

The ones served here is prepared almost similarly to that at Fisher's Tavern. Save that they used winglets that's been butterflied. That way, the marinade or flavour can be absorbed nicely into the chicken meat. And it'll be be crispy throughout. Plus, it's just so easy to eat. Especially for my kiddo.

Butter Squid

Every crispy morsel is coated with a dusting of lightly-seasoned flour, carrying a nice buttery scent. Very simple dish that's really fun to eat. 

Black-pepper beef

My first impression when I bite into this was, "Why is the beef so tender?" So tender that I got suspicious. Tenderiser, maybe?

I made my mum have a bite and asked for her opinion. She was ok with it and gave me 2 words. Corn flour. Okayyy.

But I like the sauce. Very 'umami'. I gotta learn how to cook this, the proper way.

Butter cereal prawns

We made this order as we got a second round of their Chicken & Seafood fried rice.

When this arrived, I was like, "Wow!" Just look at the size of that prawns! And the way they're so straight like those tempura prawns, makes you pick one up and just bite the head off (that's what I did anyway). Mmmm…

So fresh, so crispy… So nice! I gotta' say that their rendition is different from those 'Nestum'-covered plates that we get from other 'zhi char' places. Apparently, here they also use organic oats. Talk about making an unhealthy dish 'healthier'…

Ala-carte buffet menu

A good way to try the various dishes they have on the menu. Although I really wonder if the price makes it worthwhile. I mean, can you really eat $36 worth of food? I honestly don't mind paying as I'm one to go for variety and try a little bit of everything (I'm sure the portions will be smaller). 

Having tasted some of their food items, I can say that their food is well-prepared and they do meet my expectations.

For once, I'm really just glad that I didn't do any 'homework' to find out more about a restaurant before dining there. That way, I won't heighten my personal expectations. I'll just let myself be surprised with what they have to offer.

I appreciate that they are slightly different from other 'zhi char' eating places, the fact that they serve organic food items. Definitely my first time eating organic food outside of home and I can say that I like it! You end up feeling good about yourself, having eaten well. Besides, the prices are still kept affordable, despite the known fact as to how organic stuff are just… well, more expensive.

I don't mind coming back here. Although I should try other stuff, I find myself hoping to slurp on their Spicy & Sour soup again. Plus that Honey-Glazed chicken. And the prawns. Also found out that they serve 'Orh Nee' (yam paste dessert). Gotta' try that too.

Siamese Cat Restaurant
324 Changi Road
Singapore 419799
Tel: +65 8161 1518

Opening hours: 
12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (closed on Mondays)

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