Sunday, June 02, 2013

Fish & Co with kids

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My favourite drink order whenever I'm here. Basically whenever I see this in the menu, it's a must-have.

Fresh mint leaves and lime juice (sans the Rum, of course). A very refreshing drink to have on a hot day.

Lychee Mojito, Pink Lady, Orange Rainbow, Kola Tonic, Mojito

Beverages, that day ~

At the very top is the Lychee Mojito, similar to the one I had, save for the couple of skewered tinned lychees, above.
Below It is the 'Pink Lady' that's ordered by my cousin's daughter. Taste's a lot like the 'Happy Soda' found at those Ayam Penyet shops. Sweet, fizzy & creamy.
To its left is the Orange Rainbow - Mango 'granadilla' with cranberry juice. Tangy & fizzy.
Beside it is the Kola Tonic ordered by her son.

Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Arctic Fish

My cousin's son ordered these. Such a generous portion! Plus that double carbo combo of mash potato & fries… A growing boy, indeed (he's 13, btw).

There's grilled chicken topped with peri-peri sauce. Looked like some fiery 'sambal' to us but it turn out to be more mellow. That, coupled with a large piece of battered 'Arctic fish' (wonder what fish that really is).

Erm… there surely can be more of that lemon-butter sauce on the fish, right?

Seafood Platter for 2

4 of us shared this. Okay, so it's 3 adults and 2 kids. And we still end up pretty full. I still remember years back, me sharing this same platter with my bro only and we actually manage to polish it off.

Grilled prawns, white fish, fried calamari and blue mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce served with paella rice and chips.

Their fried calamari is still da bomb!

(F) Kid's utensils (B) Seafood Pizza

Thankfully, the staff came by with these kids utensils when my kiddo was about to tuck in. I was wondering just how kiddo is going to cope with the heavy and huge tablespoon. I can just imagine the rice going all over the place, as he shovel them into his mouth.

Their service for kids was a tad shoddy that day. The previous time I came here, they had been pretty attentive to kiddo's presence. While waiting for our seats, kiddo already received the 'shark' headgear and by the time we're seated, there was a small basket of colour pencils, and activity sheet (graphics for colouring, join-the-dots, quizzes etc) and a full-colour activity book for my kiddo.

This time, I had to ask for it but there was only the activity sheet (the table mat) but no other stationery for that. The shark headgear only came towards the end.

Now, about that seafood pizza… I'm sorry but if all pizzas there are prepared in the same manner, then I won't recommend it. The base was a tad under-cooked plus soggy and the cheese… Seriously, what was that, really??

It's wasn't really actual cheese for it looked and tasted somewhat starchy/doughy. It even reminded me of B├ęchamel sauce, that white sauce layer found on lasagne. I had a feeling they used a type of 'cheese-sauce', to minimise the amount of cheese used.

Another 'starchy' food item was the 'soup of the day'. So much so that I can't figure out what soup it really was. Maybe it's potato soup? For that was what it really taste like!

My cousin's son had it as part of his set meal while I ordered it specially for kiddo cos' I remembered just how kiddo relish the soup the last time he was here (he still do, btw).

That paper 'shark' headgear lasted for all of… 5 mins

Now, whose kid is this???! Tsk.

By the time we came here, lunch hour was almost over so by the time we were done with our meal, the restaurant was pretty much cleared out.

So kiddo was more than happy to goof around with his cousin.

Cleaned out

…Whoever love those mint candies that they put into the bill folder after you make payment - raise up your hands!


Anonymous said...

Hi, really love your food posts. :)
May I know at which outlet did you went to for this fish & co posts?

bayya said...

Hi there!

Thank you. Glad u enjoy reading them posts. I usually go to the branch at Changi Airport T2 because it's pretty spacious and we can chill at the viewing gallery, post meal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info shared. Thank you very much. :) have a nice day. :)