Saturday, June 29, 2013

Charco's Lamb Chops

Went down to my new flat in Sengkang to check on things and thought of bringing hubby and kiddo out for lunch.

Truth is, Sengkang seem very much nearer to Ang Mo Kio where Charcos's only branch is currently located. And I've been reading and seeing too much of the new item on their menu.

Namely this:

The lamb chops

Looks impressive, doesn't it…?

This might be prepared only upon order for it took quite sometime to arrive, during a non-busy period. When the plate was placed before me, I was like, "Goodness, just how am I going to finish this??!"

Bet Hubby was like, "Didn't know my wife was such a glutton…"

I read a comment in FB, where someone griped about not being about not having much choice for the side dishes when ordering this. Just too bad, I can't opt for my 'default' set whenever I'm here: any mains with the 3 salads. I'm all for variety and I love salads, so there.

The lamb chop platter ($15) comes with 2 separate slabs of lamb chops, alongside the creme potato and a choice of 1 salad (I chose Caesar). But I felt that merely 1 salad option don't justify for me, so I opt to add-on a regular salad ($5.70). Chose the Greek one.

Best. choice. ever. The Greek salad with its refreshing diced tri-coloured capsicums, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese and most importantly, that tangy vinaigrette; helps to cut through all that meat and grease of the lamb chops.

And apparently, there's a valid reason why they gave 2 huge slabs of the lamb chops. They weren't 100% meat. Each piece has some 40-45% taken up by bits of bone, sinewy tendon/gristle and … yeah, fats.

And because of that also, I put down my cutleries towards the end and proceed to pick up the lamb chops to find meat around the bone area. The black pepper-infused brown sauce was sorta' ho-hum so I dipped my meat in the BBQ sauce provided at the condiment counter.

The creme potato got pretty cloying after a while so I abandoned it in favour of my chosen salads, instead.

1/2 Hrb Chicken with 3 salads

Hubby settled for a safe choice. Got him the 3 salads: Chicken Avocado pasta, coleslaw & egg salad.

Gave him a chunk of my lamb chop and he said that it was, "Alright."

I can see why Charco's chose to move here. The environment is much more relaxed and the whole premise serve halal food. Customers bringing others who don't fancy their fare may just get something else from other stalls. Hey, you can always order your lamb rack and complete the meal with a bowl of fishball soup, a plate of 'rojak' and down it all with a glass of mean 'teh tarik'.

…Sounds good to me.

You can view the menu HERE.

Charco's "the flaming chicken"
Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
(at Mr Teh Tarik Eating Hse)

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