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Olivye Cafe.Gelato ~ Food

It was supposedly Father's Day weekend (we don't really celebrate it) and my bro got his mid-year bonus so he was excited about giving his family a treat. I initially chose Charco's but lazy him refused to drive all the way to AMK. Pfft.

He then recalled this place, where we had wanted to go to previously but it was closed.

Internal dining area

Pictoral menu

In case you need to visualise what the food will look like…

Beverages 01

All of us had the fruit-flavoured Italian soda. My dad and I both ordered the Green Apple (foreground). My mum chose Pomegranate. She claimed that it was very sour. 

Beverages 02

My hubby had the mango flavoured Italian soda while my bro ordered the passion fruit.

Cream of Mushroom soups

Both my parents wanted some soup and we enquired about the soup of the day. They're serving Cream of Mushroom soup so I decide to order one for kiddo, too.

They added squiggles of cream on the soup, making them appear pretty fancy. The also serve a whole piece of toasted garlic bread. Nice touch, actually.

Savoury rice

Thinking that the soup may not suffice for kiddo, I ordered a plate of savoury rice as well. It's dinner time after all.

I totally did not expect the soup to come with garlic toasts so this rice was left almost untouched. I took some of it. Savoury, alright. Taste like chicken rice yet it had this deeper, almost robust taste. I can't quite put my finger to it.


Simple, fried stuff to fill the belly while we waited for the mains to arrive. I have to admit that the food took some time to show up. Maybe they have a small kitchen?

Seafood in tomato sauce

My dad chose this. This reminds me a lot like a marinara. He loved it. Portions of seafood appeared to be pretty generous. 

Chicken cream mushroom pasta

Comes as no surprise that my bro ordered this. Every time we dine at a place serving Western food, cream pasta will be his default order. Especially those with chicken. Or mushrooms.

This happen to be one of the better cream-sauce pastas around. I like it. Pretty nice, actually. 

Mushroom Chicken

Hubby chose the humble Mushroom Chicken (also popularly known as 'Chicken Chop'). He was so hungry (just knock off work) that he didn't let me have the chance to snap a pic.

The mains comes with our choice of 2 side dishes. Here, he chose mash potato and fries (carbo overload!).

Rib-eye beef steak

My portion. I have been thinking of beef steaks the whole week, somehow. About time I get it for myself. I admit that I love my red meat (blood type 'O'). Then again, I always try to eat in moderation.

Anyway, I wasn't around when thefood order was placed. Only realised much later that I forgot to specify my choice of meat done-ness. Heaved a sigh of relief when my bro mentioned that he specified 'medium' on my behalf. Phew.

But the meat came a little more done that I would like. Then again, I should only get my meat really medium or medium rare when I'm sure of the meat quality & freshness. 

Rib-eye beef steak (another angle)

For my 2 sides, I chose the House & potato salad. Enjoyed both thoroughly.

I really like the presentation for the steak (hence the 2 pics). I guess it's true, what they say about plating & presentation. How it can actually make the food seem more appealing. 

Assortment of Gelato 01

And how can we come here without having their famous Halal gelato?

Assortment of Gelato 02

My bro had initially offered to share a cup of gelato with me but I flatly refused, thinking that I felt way too full for any desserts. So he went in and gleefully came out with a medium-sized cup with 2 flavours - Peanut Butter and Hazelnut (Nutella). Oh, so nutty!

Kiddo tucking in

I didn't allow kiddo to have any gelato because he was nursing a cough. Oh well, who was I kidding…?!

Of course he wanted to have a go and we let him have a taste. Yeah right, 'a taste'… What we knew, the cup of gelato never come back. So my bro went back in to order another cup. This time I caved in and joined him.

Gelato - 2nd batch

I can't make up my mind so I got my bro to choose. He picked Mint for me while he had Melon. This wasn't the 1st time he had melon but I guess he can't resist his favourite flavour. I have to admit that the fruit flavours are the bomb! Be it durian, strawberries or melon… All are refreshingly fantastic!

I was crestfallen when my bro chose Mint right before I saw Salted Caramel (SC). However, after sampling the SC, I realise that something was amiss about that flavour, somehow. Oh well…

Anyway, it was a great night, trying out food from a new place. But I do wish that the prices weren't too steep. You can check out the prices at my previous entry on this place.

Olivye Cafe.Gelato
Blk 5 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500005
Tel: 6543 9518

Opening hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm

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