Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tim's advanced bdae surprise

I wouldn't know what to say about my cousin Tim (short for FaTIMah), if she hadn't already sniffed at the birthday surprise in the works.

I mean, the 4 of us who brought the cake just can't be any less discreet!

What more, after the movie, we walked all the way from Rex Theatre to PoMo, some good 10mins walk. With a cake box. a couple of days from her actual birthday.

Like… DUH!


We were in search of a pretty 'discreet' place to celebrate and hangout. And it seem that the corner of Pomo that's neighbouring SOTA was the best that our tired legs could bring us to.

So I guess, this dear cousin of mine was just trying to accomodate us when she chose to visit the toilet when we more or less settled on the location.

As we scrambled to open up the box and poke the candle onto the cake, we found out that we don't have a lighter… o___O
And in that chaos, we didn't realise that Tim was already out of the toilet and she could clearly see what we're up to, from the glass panels...

Well, we tried.. Really! LOL.

We still push the cake towards her and yelled, "SURPRISE!" anyway.


That. is. a. superb. chocolate. cake.

The cake

Initially, early that evening, I met 3 of my other cousins at Dhoby Ghaut, with the intention of purchasing a cake for the advanced birthday surprise.

We ended up getting lost in Plaza Singapura before being smart enough to source the directory for any cake shop. We head for Emicakes at Basement 2 (where it's a food haven!).

Saw in the exterior display, the numerous cute little cakes and settled for the very chocolate-y choice - Pure Addiction in 600gm.

When we went in to make payment, we saw numerous varieties of flavoured mousse in cute little transparent cups (known as 'Delights'). Can't resist buying. My cousin got delirious when we're told that we can get an extra one free if we buy 5.

Meaning that we'll be buying a total number of SIX cups of mousse. On top of the 600gm chocolate cake.

Lesson learnt: Never buy food before having a proper meal. Your hunger just drive you to make impulsive decisions!

D24 Durian delight

Seeing that only 1 cousin doesn't fancy durian, I decide to take 2 of this so that there'll be enough to go around.

Besides, Emicakes is known for their durian varieties, aren't they?

Oreo delight

Besides these 2, we also purchased Tiramisu, Ultimate Brownie, Mango and Brownie Cheese Delights.

Thing is, we bought this before our dinner. And the movie. >___<

More than 2 hrs later, the mousse already turned lukewarm. And everyone knows that mousse is best eaten cold. But we walloped them, anyway.

Desserts on the stairs

We sat on the stairs leading to the basement carpark. Thankfully, peeps chose to access through the lifts instead, so our 'desserts rendezvous' remain uninterrupted.

Even the security guards patrolling nearby looked at us in amusement and ignored our antics.

Sigh, it's only with them that we can do crazy stuff and walked away unharmed, yet happier. They never fail to lift my spirits and it's just great to meet up with them on a Friday and unwind.

The quote below can never be sooo right!

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