Monday, January 30, 2012

Mackenzie Rex

When the 'Ombak Rindu' fever hit Singapore, my cousins and I jumped onto the bandwagon and planned to watch it at the only location - Rex Theatre.

Since we were only a few days shy of my cousin's birthday, I suggest that we have an advanced birthday celebration for her (will post on that later).

Prior to the movie, we planned to meet up at Mackenzie Rex Restaurant for dinner. Besides, it's pretty close. What irony, huh? The restaurant is located like some 10 mins walk way from their original location; at Mackenzie Road, opposite Rex Theatre - our destination for that night.


Chicken rice chili (in container with spoon), pickled green chili (metal container), light soy sauce (yellow container), white pepper (green cover), dark soy sauce (red cover) & salt.

1/2 of a roasted chicken

This restaurant known to be an institution for Halal chicken rice, so it's only apt that we order the famous roasted chicken to share.


Kailan (Chinese broccoli) stir-fried in oyster sauce, alongside other little bits of veggie pieces.


Full-name: Foo Yung omelette. But then again a Foo Yung omelette will have lots of savoury ingredients, like mushroom, chicken or meat slices, onions etc. within.

I think this is just a plain omelette.

Baby squid

Popular dish. Crispy, deep-fried baby squid in sweet soy sauce. Such an addictive dish, this one.

Movie theatre

Prior to coming here, I've been reading poor reviews about the cinema itself. Supposedly issues with the sanitation and hygiene. There are some who complained of itch & rashes after their movie experience here.

There are some who willingly traveled all the way to J.B. because they aren't too fond of this place. Hmm... How can I not be apprehensive?

However, my worries were unfounded. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the huge theater appear to be pretty new. And clean.

Silly me. I forgot that a couple or so years back, my boss almost got a job to manage the submissions for some proposal at this very site. In fact, yours truly had the honour to recce and check on the interiors. Erm… I think I did an entry about it…

Yeap, I sure did. Read it HERE!

As for the movie, well I personally think it's overrated. Ok, maybe I'm disappointed because I've read the book many times over and had my own expectations. Guess it wasn't as what I've envisioned.

This story was special to me because the novel was my FIRST & ONLY Malay novel. So the sentimental value is there. After that, I never bothered to purchase anymore because I only read them once so I'm better off borrowing from my cousins or the library instead.

But all those raving reviews? Well, either they don't read the book or they enjoy the breath-taking sets. Good acting, too.

Here's a very hilarious commentary on the movie as it was being watched (on YouTube). Enjoy!

Mackenzie Rex Restaurant
66 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188668

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