Friday, January 27, 2012

Kundang, Rawang ~ Food

The hosts had a tough task of feeding not only these 18 mouths from Singapore, but also that of his 6 siblings and family, as they always have a gathering at his place on every month-end.

The next morning after we arrived, he actually slaughtered 8 chickens from his own coop. I have the pictures taken of the slaughtering process but I guess some of you might not appreciate the sight of it.

Anyway, here are the foods we had during this getaway.

Rice vermicelli / bee hoon

For beef soup noodles. Really refreshing to be had on a warm evening (when we arrived).


(clockwise from top) Finely-sliced white cabbage, fried shallots, chopped scallions & cilantro. In the centre was sweet soy sauce spiked with grounded 'chili padi' (bird's eye chillies).

Beef soup

Here, my uncle had the hearty beef soup with his fried rice instead of the noodles.

Fried Rice

Nothing special. Onions, garlic & chili. Oh, plus some bits of salted fish .Sure filled us up nicely.

Tea-time snacks

At the foreground, it's fried yam fritters. In the background were jack-fruit (cempedak) fritters. They were dipped into rice+wheat flour batter and then deep-fried.

What's not to like about deep-fried snacks, tell me? Especially, when dipped in spicy soy sauce. Both items came from their own backyard, btw.

BBQ Nite

For the family gathering, they had a BBQ. We came back late from our shopping adventures in KL so we missed out on the food from the initial part of the BBQ.

BBQ pit

'Otah' (or 'otak-otak'), 'sata' (both are seasoned fish paste; the former - spicy & red, wrapped in coconut leaves. The latter - triangular and white, wrapped in banana leaves) and marinated chicken, on the grill.

Eager kids...

...Waiting for the last few batches of grilled chicken.

Grilled chicken

These were wiped clean before I even get to have a taste. :(

Raw fish

Ikan Cencaru (Torpedo Scad fish), Ikan Kembung (Indian Mackarel fish) & Ikan Siakap (Seabass); marinated in spices like chili and tumeric - waiting to be grilled.

In that small plastic container were fish roe.


Poured over the grilled till' they open, I guess. But someone told me that usually, by the time the shells open, the meat's overcooked. Or you can randomly pick at the half-cooked bits.

Take your pick. Some tend to be paranoid about Hepatitis C and stuff.. :P

Grilled otah & Fish

I don't know about you, but I like my food to be charred at parts. Having it once in a while, I really don't worry much about carcinogens... :P

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