Thursday, February 02, 2012

MFM - Lobster Buddy Platter

One Monday, I was walking past Manhattan Fish Market at White Sands Mall when I saw the poster for their Christmas promo. Did a double take (it's already January, mind you). Lobster! Lobster platter for two - going at $49.90!

Immediately thought of my cousin Imah (also known as 'Tim' in the previous post), the lady who loves her crustaceans. Besides, I still owe her a birthday treat. This would have been perfect!

Immediately contacted her and she got another one of our cousin to come along. The very next day, we were dining at the branch in Marina Square.

My cousin and I were game enough to try out this still lingering Christmas Promo - Christmas Catch, where for $5, we can get 1 Crab Bisque & 1 Holly Berry drink. For only $9, we can get the above x2 !

Birthday girl meanwhile, was wary about things that appear strange to her, so she gave that a pass.

Holly Berry

A mocktail that's a concoction of Passion Fruit, Orange & Cranberry syrup with soda water. Sweet, tangy and really refreshing!

Crab Bisque

I've tried Lobster Bisque at Eatzi Restaurant and this one here taste similar. Well, we can have Prawn Bisque for all we know and it's gonna taste similar. All these crustacean-based soups tend to taste the same.

But delicious, nonetheless.

Fried Country Mushrooms

Never fail to order this whenever we're here. Juicy mushrooms coated in crispy batter. Dipped in garlic-herb sauce.

Prawns being flamed

Ordered this especially for my crustacean-loving birthday girl.

Manhattan Flaming Prawns

Tiger prawns topped with the sweetish-cream, which got charred and caramelised when torched.

Served with chips.

Such indulgence, this one!

Lobster! Being Flamed!

I love my food to have charred bits! The longer they torch it, the better!

Lobster Buddy Meal

A wee bit similar to their Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter, with the prawns + fish replaced with the lobster itself. Includes their signature garlic-herb mussels with their creamy sauce, crispy fried calamari, blanched veggies, garlic-herb rice and chips.


And why… how can we forget the highlight of our meal? The Lobster itself!

Although I was slightly disappointed that this wasn't the ACTUAL lobster. You know, the one with those huge claws/pincers? This was actually a spiny lobster (actual name, btw).

But hey, with this price, why am I even complaining? Beside, it does taste good!

Totally dig the 'Special Christmas Stuffing' - some sweetish, creamy mix of diced veggies like carrots, onions & capsicums. Well, it's pretty obvious isn't it? The stuffing works to 'plump' the lobster up, to make it appear bigger than it actually was.

After digging though the stuffing we found a substantially-sized lobster meat inside. Well, all I can say is that a lobster is pretty much an over-sized prawn. Well, some prawns even taste sweeter. Ho-hum.

I wished they had provided the tools meant for foraging the meat at the various nook & cranny of the shell. Like the one during my honeymoon dinner. I even discovered a pretty decent amount of meat inside the antennae!


We left the restaurant feeling really full. However, when with my cousins, I'm always up with crazy ideas. And they'll always agree.

I suggested getting desserts, namely ice-cream. Of course, they agree.

Looked through he store directory and hurried to Andersen's of Denmark before they close for the day. Ordered the Sundae Basket; which allowed for 3 scoops of ice-cream, giving each of us a choice. Birthday gal chose mint, another one chose banana crumble and I chose Belgian chocolate. Whipped cream & choc. fudge topping comes free. :)


Took the sundae all the way to 'the steps' outside Marina Square and relished our ice-cream there, while enjoying night views of the MBS to the left and got a pleasant surprise when we saw laser shows. Also enjoyed views of the Esplanade and the nicely-lit CBD in the distance.

What a great way to end the night… In the middle of a work week.


As I was raving about MFM, my colleague was apprehensive. Her previous experience at the branch in Bedok Point was less-than-savoury.

I've only eaten at 3 branches and all are in town - Central Mall, Marina Square and the flagship branch at Plaza Singapura. All my experiences have been great! Be it the service or the food.

I enjoyed dining at the Marina branch. In fact, that night, the service had been so good that I left a hefty tip. Staff were attentive, met to our requests swiftly, accommodating and polite. And it was a pretty busy night.

Having worked in the F&B line before, I'm pretty sensitive and more appreciative of good service. If they worked hard, they definitely deserve a tip. Please don't count on the service charge as tips for the staff. That charge actually go into the company's coffers.

Please, be nice, where possible and let them know that they're doing a good job. It's not easy working in that line, believe me. :)))

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