Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ayam Penyet Ria (other items)

Been blogging a lot on this place, haven't I?

No worries. This time I'll focus on the 'other stuff' that one of my curious colleagues was game to try.

Es Kacang Hijau

Literally translates to: Iced Green Bean.

Boiled green bean, palm sugar syrup, coconut milk and lotsa' shaved ice. It was a hot, sunny day that time.

"Too bad the ice shavings were coarse. Would have been a nicer experience, had the shavings been more fine…" words spoken by the man himself. OR maybe the terribly anal food connoisseur in him.

(F) Fried Enoki & (B) 'Ampela' Ayam

This was a new item being promoted the time we were there. These enokitake or golden needle mushrooms were fried, tempura style.

Crunchy outside and soft inside. Makes for fun snacking while waiting for the mains to arrive.

As for the 'ampela' (in Indonesian), also known as 'pedal' (per-dull in Malay). Or simply, chicken gizzard. Battered similarly and also topped with the fascinating crumbs.

This colleague is such a big fan of this spare organ that he tries to order this whenever he eats chicken rice. Or in this case, chicken with rice.

(F) Ayam Penyet & (B) Cumi-cumi Penyet

Let's ignore the ayam penyet shall we?

Sorry that it's not so clear but the 'cumi-cumi' (baby squid) was battered similarly to the other meats in the menu. And colleague declared that the meat is surprising tender and doesn't need some major jaw exercising prior to swallowing.

And oh, this time I'm smart enough to order the milky Bandung drink instead.

And by now, I'm very sure that the boneless ayam penyet has a hint of kaffir lime leaves. Wonder why…

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