Monday, November 21, 2011

Congratulations, Susie!

Ok, I'm bushed.

My dear cousin finally got hitched and her wedding was over the weekend. There's really no excitement like the wedding of a close family member/relative. Especially in a community which believes in getting together and strengthening ties.

My cousin Susie here, she's of my age so it's no surprise that we're close. We grew up together, so I believe there must be a point in time where we will daydream about our future and discuss our dream wedding...

I got my Javanese-inspired dream wedding and I can see that you got your dreamy red & green-themed wedding!! Feels so Christmas-sy! ;)

Dear Susie,

To have you finally step onto this stage, I can never be happier.

Oh, another thing. You and your big mouth. If I can recall, there was one time when we were discussing about our dream weddings, you did say this, "Hmmph, who knows, during my wedding, you will be running after your child already..."

Thanks, eh. That can never be more true. I was literally going after my kiddo most of the time, can? :P

So much for trying to be glamourous for once (I finally wore my bling-bling engagement suit, ok?).

Anyway, may you have a blissful & blessed marriage that lasts till' Hereafter. And hopefully see some cute Susies & Hans coming soon!

Enjoy the peeks of the gorgeous couple!

After the solemnisation

We made him go down on his knees, as he put the wedding ring on her finger. Haha!

Eh, looks more romantic this way, doesn't it??!

The reception

See what I mean?

Dreamy red & green-themed wedding...

The reception

Kawaii couple.

The reception

Wacky! Check out their shoes!

The wife in her tough Dr Martens & the hubby in his geeky school shoes. :D

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