Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a sad tale

sad tale

I really did go for my 2nd round of Mukhsin. Partly to keep Shyba company and partly beacause I haven't had enough of that movie.

Never mind the fact that we have to travel all the way to far-flung Causeway Point, since VivoCity only plays the movie at 1850hrs. Never mind the fact that I end up knocking off late from work and end up taking a cab there (almost $16!).

Oh, I didn't know they don't have subtitles over there. In a way it's good cos' having been forced listen to the dialogue, I was able to absorb the movie fully. However, it's a waste that the initial scenes with the Chinese dialogues may just pass the Malay-speaking audience. And the subtitles to the French song by Nina Simone would have left a better impact as the lyrics are related to the scenes whcih has the song in the background.

I can't help making comparisons, having watched the same movie in 2 different situations. I can't believe I still laugh at the funny scene. The jokes still seem fresh, albeit it being my 2nd time.

On another note, my cousin had lent me this box-set of dvds since late last year and only today, have I been able to complete watching it.

Out of curiousity, I googled up on the drama (only when I'm almost done, so I don't end up reading spoilers) and got a rude shock.

Apparently, the leading actress had committed suicide on Feb this year. What's shocking is that I had been following this Korean show, Entertainment Relay on KBS and they've reported on her death when it occured.

I had been curious as to who the actress could have been. Little did I know that I had been watching her show all this while.

Yet another case of depression (not the first Korean in the hallyu entertainment industry). It's amazing, how fiesty and jovial their characters can be and yet, life never really imitate art. Somehow, things are more of the opposite.

I'm glad I only found out when I'm coming to the last episode of the show, cos' that discovery left such a big impact on me that I only feel a strange sort of emptiness when watching it.


minerva said...

Sounds gd, tho'! ;)

Brought kids along on a 'Tree Top Walk' to MacRitchie during the school Camp some weeks back, and ended up taking the 'difficult' track too...

yours truly'd enjoyed the trek up, except that everyone got tired towards the end, but i guess, nothing beats the sense of achievement at the end of it all, yea, Bayya.. :)

Thanks for this lovely post.
Take care, Hi to Mom, Dad & Bro,
and Hugz (to Shyba, too)
yours in friendship, minerva*

CT said...

The thing about the 'Tree-Top Walk' is that, when you take the difficult route, you may need more than 3 hrs to complete it.

I brought a small brood of kids there once:

The smallest was just 6yrs old then. Not one complained. I'm so proud of them.

We ended up resting at the Jelatung (is the spelling even right??) watch tower.

I am sooo going there again...

minerva said...

Eeps! Guess i got so excited abt the post that i left my comment on the wrong one... Apologies, dear chum!

Okie doks, do enjoy yourselves the next time you get there, yea.
Hugz & Stay cheery, as always, minerva* ;)
p.s. Bayya, there are times (those in-between-moments during work) when i get reminded of our ol' sec. school days, rushing home together, buying fave food in the canteen tog. and such.. hmm, nice memories. U take care & stay special, yea. And bestest wishes to Mom, Dad & Bro too.