Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2nd hero syndrome

hallyu "2nd-hero syndrome"

Hallo. About the lack of updates? Erm, was it any surprise if I admitted to putting myself through yet another Hallyu drama marathon?

*okay, okay Bas. Wipe that smirk off your face.*

I finally bought Wonderful Life. I know, I know, for someone who's crazy bout' Korean dramas, I'm a bit back-dated with this one. In fact, when I caught sight of the DVD (w/ English subtitles) at Poh Kim Parkway last year, it was the last piece. But I was so broke then so I just turned away.

I saw the trailer for this series on the DVD that I watched previously, that showed all the best bits. Unable to resist the urge, I dropped by the same shop last week and managed to get hold of that same last piece! Maybe it's meant for me, after all! Got discount also!

I watched an average of 2.5 episodes everyday for 6 days. I started watching only after my mum's gone to sleep or she'll scream at me for sleeping late. Meaning I slept at almost 3am everyday then.

That show had me thinking about the storyline even when I'm in the office. I imagined what the next few eps. will be like. I resist reading the spoilers online while I'm at it (very difficult task, that one). And I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched the last 4 episodes with a box of tissues for company.

Hey come on! That cute little girl was supposedly diagnosed with leukemia. She's only 5, leh. And she acted so well that my heart felt like it was being torn apart watching her acting sick. And seeing how she held everyone together like that? So touching...!

Sad, sad scenes involving the little girl, Shin-Bi.

And once again, I crazily expect the heroine to end up with the 2nd hero (back-up guy). I always do that with EVERY Korean dramas I watched. Even when the lead is Rain. Or Bae Yong Joon. The 2nd guy (some even baddie) just seem more appealing to me.

I had expected there to be 18 episodes (because there are 6 discs, 3 eps per disc). I was looking forward to watching the final 3 eps. only to find that there only 1 ep. left to watch. I should be happy, I know. Considering it was already Mon morning, I should be glad to able sleep early, rite?

WRONG. I spent the next couple of hours tormenting my laptop, rewinding and forwarding, re-watching all my fave scenes. Especially those between the female lead and the 2nd guy.

Already, the actress, Eugene is my favourite, having loved her previous roles in "Save The Last Dance" and "I Truly Truly Like You". And that guy is Lee Ji Hoon, who got a great voice that you'll love to be serenaded with (yes, he sings too). I'm watching him in his latest drama, "Hello My Lady" on KBS.

He was described as, "ruby-lipped." That doesn't come as a surprise considering his lips are a tad reddish and pouty - for a guy. And his spoken voice, it may not sound as manly as others but still appeal to be. Aiyah, maybe I just have a crush on him la.

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