Sunday, April 01, 2007

mukhsin & yasmin

mukhsin & yasmin

Thank goodness I didn't rush to watch Mukhsin at Cathay Causeway Point last Thu. Thank goodness my cousin informed me of the screening GV Vivocity for yesterday. Thank goodness....

.....for I get to meet her in person.

Yasmin Ahmad herself.

Yes, she was there at the 1420 screening at GV Vivocity yesterday. I know that the standalone mike at the front of the Europa theatre has got to mean something...

I had that gut feeling actually. And when I heard hushed whispers coming from the back, I was quick to turn. Lo and behold, Yasmin herself had made her entrance!

What was I feeling then?

Delirious. Exhilarated.

I mean, I've watched (almost) all her works,; from Rabun, Sepet, Gubra and not to mention her many ads on M'sian tv. And to finally see the whiz behind those works..? PRICELESS!

I can't can't recall fully what she said when standing at the front... but it kind of goes somewhere along this line: "...I'm glad there's more than 2 persons here (an inside joke; with reference to a certain incident back in M'sia one time).... Laugh loudly if you think it's funny.. cry... Enjoy the movie.."

My memory tend to fail me when I get excited. My bad.

And the movie IS good. The cinematography, breathtaking. The soundtracks, awesome. And the acting, fabulous. Many pleasant surprises here and there. LOVE IT.

And it's so funny! I shall personally label it: "Romantic Comedy". What? You think on Sandra Bullock is capable of carrying off such roles?

In fact, I'm going for a 2nd round. Right, Shyba?

I rushed out to look for Yasmin herslf. I know she's gonna be outside. And when I did see her... *sigh* I got a little bonkers and the pitch of my voice got a tad higher than it should, the speed of my speceh a tad faster and .... yes, I got more than a tad too excited.

Totally failed my calm and collected self horribly (in fact, my cousins did a take on how I've acted when i send them back in the car. I almost dropped them off at the highway). My behaviour was indeed, absurd. *malunyer aku...*

But at least I got to shake her hand. Introduce myself. Complimented Raved about the movie. And took a pic with her.

myself, my cousin Nor, Yasmin and my cousin Imah.

Utterly poor picture quality. It's times like this that makes me regret not lugging my camera along. It's not as if it's bulky anyway... Geez.

My 2nd gripe will be my lack of dress sense, on of all days- that one. I mean, I've always dressed up on weekends and I thought that the unsculpurous heat from that day is a good excuse for me to dress down.

Wrong. Timing.

Great. So what else is new?

Anyway, those who love Yasmin's past works ans still have yet to watch Mukhsin, "..So where the hell are you..?" (quoting from the 'Visit Australia' ad).

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