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korean men metrosexual

korean men defines: 'metrosexual'

This is an article I got from KBS global website. I guess ppl there haven't got a hang of the term, 'metrosexual' that Singaporeans are aware of. 'Cross-sexual'?? Haha.
The feminine looks of actor Lee Jun-ki in the hit movie "King and the Clown" have created a new 'cross-sexual' fashion code among men, with more representatives of the male gender opting for feminine hair styles, clothes and accessories these days. ''Cross-sexual' men are those who boldly infringe upon the realms of femininity by transcending the boundaries between masculinity and femininity to create a combination of both.

Facials not only for women
-a vast array of cosmetics targeting men has been developed recently

-not only lotions and nutritive water but masks, whitening and eye-creams, tinted lotions and even nail cosmetics as well

-hair-removal creams that help get rid of untidy body hair as well as eyebrow pencils are hit products

-BB cream, which stands for 'blemish balm', is used in dermatological clinics to cover red blemishes after treating acne and pimples and to promote skin regeneration.

-the cream is of more help to men than women because men have more skin-related problems. -they like it because it gives a natural tone to the skin. One cosmetics company has recently developed a BB cream specifically for men. (I'm a woman and I think that I need this! hmmph!)
-resorting to the professional help of dermatological clinics these days to improve their complexion. They mostly use skin scaling and peeling procedures to get rid of acne or to remove dark spots. Face-care centers in Seoul's Gangnam have even opened special rooms just for male customers.

more 'bold' fashion sense
-circle lenses have emerged as another fashion trend among men

-have outstanding taste in choosing clothes

-like extravagant clothes made of diverse fabrics and featuring big flower prints

-don't balk at buying clothes with bright colors, such as pink, yellow and green, as long as they look good, and prefer accessories made of leather or featuring exuberant patterns (those watching 'My Lovely Sam-soon' can relate this to Hyun Bin's character)

Men using hair-straighteners
-hair-straighteners, in particular, are indispensable for men who want to create feminine hair looks

-the layered hair-style that is so trendy among male celebrities these days is created using not only gel and other hair-care products but also hair-straighteners.

Just as men are becoming more feminine in their looks, women's fashion is becoming more masculine, with the 1980s' style being back in vogue and the popularity of the color black soaring. (oh yeahhhh...)

Feminine male underwear vs. Boyish women's panties
The boundaries between masculinity and femininity have been increasingly blurred in the area of underwear as well

-male underpants with huge flower patterns and embroidered G-string pants made of velvet-like fabric

-featuring black embroidery against a pink background on the front have gained enormous popularity among men

-girdle-like underpants that support the hips and tight triangular underpants that cover the belly fat. Such functional underwear helps cover any unattractive body fat and create a more balanced look (yes, yes we know that...they had better not wear hipster jeans/pants with this...)

-female panties are becoming more and more boyish by using wide waist bands, which are usually used in male underwear, and even featuring slits in the front, which are of course for decorative purposes only

-waist bands are used to create a sporty look

-latest designs of women's panties tend to forego ruffles and lace and feature neat designs.

-Boxer shorts for women that are designed to provide women with as much comfort as boxer shorts for men are also in high demand (i agree! they make great PJs too!)

Men in slim pants vs. Women in wide pants
The masculine-women/feminine-men trend is also conspicuous in outer garments, which is mainly ascribable to the return of 1980s' fashion.

Women's business suits these days have broad shoulders and wide pants that completely cover the shape of the legs. While sales of female business suits featuring skirts dropped six percent from the winter/fall season last year, sales of suits featuring pants surged 15 percent in the same period (there's a reason why such suits are also called, "power suits").

-women are going for boyish looks to express their charm in a masculine style

-men are increasingly choosing to display their 'pretty' body curves through slim pants, such as slim jeans and slim cargo pants (and boy, they sure look good!).

With appealing looks being a valuable competitive edge these days, an increasing number of men will likely dip their feet in the realm of feminine fashion and beauty care in the future.

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