Monday, January 29, 2007

u noe smth?

u noe smth?

Something cute happened yesterday.

It's my bro's off day and we had made plans to do a little shopping. However, given the fact that it's a Sunday, we woke up really late, ate brunch and almost forgot to wash up.

By the time we decide to leave the house, it's after 2pm. And my cousin's coming by with his mum, wife and new baby in a few hours.

We saw my mum's masseuse friend trying to catch a cab and offered to send her to her destination. I came up with the idea to just hang out at my cousin's workplace at this shopping centre and come back together since he's coming by anyway.

Who would have expected the roads to be so jammed up?

The carpark was so darn full that we end up parking near where we entered (yes, we went one BIG round). By the time we met my cousin, bought my brother's boxers, pack some snacks it's almost 5pm.


When we get to the carpark, I bugged my cousin to tell me of any supernatural encounters in that building (he do work night shifts). We came by outside this staircase and he pointed to it. "There's this 'thing' that like to sit at the bottom of the stairs."

I went in and pointed at that last step. "Here? What does it look like?"

"I'm not sure. Very dark. I think it's like some kinda' kid. It's not me who saw it anyway. But it's here almost everyday."

Walking to the car, he said, "This place feels warm, right? At night, it's HOT. And there's this unknown thing that runs around the empty carpark at night."

"Oh you saw that on camera? What does it look like?"

"I dunno. Just some blurry thing moving around pretty fast. All over the place."

My bro on the car engine and I munched my snacks in the backseat as the both of them smoked behind the car, in front of this store room.

Since we're near the erp gantry, you can imagine the noise as cars enter and exit the busy basement carpark.

Then I was surprised to see both of them suddenly standing beside the car and I overheard my cousin saying, " ... did she hear?"

I jumped out of the car and asked, "What? Hear what? That evo that just passed? Of course I heard that!"

He pointed to the storeroom wall behind us and said, "Just now we clearly heard 2 long, deep scratches coming from INSIDE that room. Man, look at my goosebumps!" he replied as he stretched out both his arms.

Like plucked chicken skin liddat. I pulled my bro's arms as he walked back to the car and I saw that same texture on his skin.

I went over to that very wall and said, "Here? You heard it here?"

I put my ears close and strained to hear something above all that vehicular noise. "Nothing le. What did it really sound like?"

"You know, long fingernails scratching the wall. Downwards. Twice."

Looked at my watch. 1646 hrs. Went back there and tried listening again. I began to pout and my cousin laughed, saying, "Hey maybe she's a bit shy with other ladies."

Hmmm... I remember what was said about these beings. 'They' feel inferior with other ladies because unlike us, they're considered imperfect/incomplete.

So I replied, "Yar, both you guys stood so close here, no wonder she like it. That's why she try to get your attention."

As my bro drove off, I looked back, almost hoping to see something materialising itself from inside the storeroom. Fat hope.

That night, my bro sheepishly admitted that while smoking near that storeroom, he had playfully rapped on the door. "Just for fun," he said.

"And soon after that, the scratching from inside that room occured?" I queried.

He nodded. Cheh!

PS: It can't be a cat in there. The scratching was done at human height.
And those wondering what is that I'm insinuating about; it's the possible presence of a... ghost. 'She' refers to this female being cladded in white, has long hair and nails.

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