Saturday, January 20, 2007

I hadn't been online for the past ONE week.

Boy, I sure felt lost.

I wasn't based in my office last week and I've been procrastinating the idea of checking what wrong with the internet connection at home.

My collegue and I had been stationed at some industrial building in Hillview, where I had to do site survey for over 60 units. While Sri sat in the office allocated to us, draughting in the layouts, I had to go in & out of those units with my boss's bro-in-law, measuring the layouts and checking the sprinklers etc.

Bless the fact that the buiding manager is pretty helpful. And that most of the occupants are pretty accomodating. Of course there are some of the really anal ones but I didn't allow to dampen my waning spirit.

I was told I looked pretty drained at the end of the 1st day. My boss remarked to his wife yesterday that I had sported the same drained look since Monday. Yeah yeah.. Try doing this and THAT time of the month, I sure can't help looking pale can't I?

And I drove there for the past 3 days. I got my 1st hand experience of going thru the harrowing peak-hour traffic to and from work. I discovered that between leaving home early and going thru the congestion & leaving late and experiencing smoother traffic; both allow me to reach the Hillview at the same time. I'd rather go for the latter. Wouldn't you?

And after being let off at 6pm yesterday, I spontaneously decide to bring Sri to West Coast Park to pass the time in order to avoid congestion. There we kicked about the massive playground before chilling at MacD.

I sure miss my office....

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