Tuesday, January 23, 2007

rain rain come again

how's the weather been lately?

pretty miffed that I can't make it to his concert.. Not like I can afford the time (or moolah) anyway.

Been receiving guests like it's Hari Raya all over again. So much so that I seek respite at my uncle's home when I'm supposed to fetch my aunts from there. Cannot take it la. I guess it's good that my mum resigned from her job after all. Though it's kind of funny to acknowledge her as a "full-time housewife" now when she's been working all her life.

And yesterday the temperature's been risingthroughout the day... I remained in the car after sending my bro, with the a/c at full blast, listening to my K-pop. Even then, the sun streaming through the windscreen had been merciless.

Just discovered that my uncle's been watching his 2 dramas that were shown EVERYDAY on hubtv. He literally tried to summarise the storylines for me. Goodness!

That's it!

Pardon me while I continue watching his "It's Raining" concert dvd. The one where it's held in Korea. Yeah, where he stripped down topless, get wet, dress up then get wet and strip again.

I LoIKE! hahah

Hey, it's my bro who bought me that dvd, ok? It's comes with this big poster of him.

And my cousin just passed me dvd box-set of yet another Korean drama series. I'm sooo doomed. I'm slated for multiple OTs at work this week.

Oh, here's his latest MV. I dunno what I like more. His dance moves, his fashion sense or that hot hot car... Ouwh!

Rain ~ In My Bed ~ Rain's World

FYI, that hot hot car is an Aston Martin Vanquish S V12. Hot rite...?!

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