Monday, May 24, 2004

Wanna write this is yest. but too tired, liao. Slept late after watching Winter Sonata(yar..yar..I watch THAT). Then have to wake up darn early-5.30 am to be exact. For what? Big Walk. My 1st eva. Then after that, I dun even manage to take a proper rest & my parents make me get ready to go to a wedding. At Marsling..Sigh...
Then came the biggest surprise of all. Still reeling from it, in fact. We saw a car showcae in Causeway point. Being the curious being that I was, I snoop around the cars. I was realli interested in this particular model which actually resemble a station wagon(the pic. above). Super-spacious interior. Then this guy came over (the car salesman) and tol' us that under the promotion they're having, we'll get 5k to pay for the insurance & tax..Just like that(I wonder what the actual draw is..)Both my parents & myself actually sat down and listen to him yak bout' e promotion(which ends on tat dae).Guess what? We bought a car..Yes..a real car. Kia Rio 1.5 Hatchback Auto. A real car. To think that hours before, all this was never even on our mind. Oh ya...I put it under my bro's name(cheaper insurance)..Both my mom & myself decided to go for my dad's choice of silver(he's the patriach after all). My mom wanted blueberry (hee..) I wanted black. Both my dad & myself are the guarantors. I will have to be one of the monthly payees...There goes my travel plans...!  Posted by Hello

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