Sunday, May 16, 2004

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What is boredom?
When does boredom
becomes an asset
and when does boredom
becomes a...bore?
Your body wants to rest,
your eyes ask for sleep.
But your mind starts to wander
and the ideas spilled over.
Words you never think of.
Sentences you've never seen.
It all runs through,
from your mind, to your pen
and onto any paper you see.

Soon you begin to wonder,
"Is that really me?"
Cos' you never know,
what an asset boredom can be.
But then again,
boredom can be such a...bore
You must be wondering...what is this crap? Yeah, I ask myself that over and over(till now)...Come to think of it, I must be THAT bored, huh? What actually drive me to tell this is because I was so frustrated..
Do you like doodling? Ever doodle something because you are juz sooo bored and you see what you've doodled and wish that you could have done that on a more decent surface? Like when you finally got the puuurfect look for your still life or that cute little border for your artpiece and realized that you've drawn that on the surface of your school desk and there is juz NO way of retrieving that design??? Sigh...I hate that.
That doesn't happen to me only once...Lotsa' times, actually. Not just doodles...Poems, lyrics, even important names and phone numbers (which you finally managed to recall) that happened to be written on scrappy pieces of dirty serviettes, torn and crumpled receipts etc...Which all end up in the bin before you even realized that you have not transferred that info somewhere better. By then, it's in some bin, somewhere..nowhere...Darn.
That's what I mean, when you are bored you naturally come up with the greatest of all ideas(ever!)....Unconsciously. Next time you doodle something...check it out before you trash that piece of serviette/receipt..You never know what work-of-art you might have created there. You never know if a movie producer actually stumbled upon your piece of scrap and developed the idea into a multi-million grossing movie..Your loss, baby...

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