Saturday, May 01, 2004


I peered through the darkness,
searching for a glimpse of light.
Hoping for something to shield me,
from what lurks nearby.

I picked up the pieces
and try to move on.
But something, somehow,
is pushing me down.

Try as I might,
I want to push it away,
but it is pinning me down,
and all my hopes seem to fray.

Hopelessness sweeps me to the edge
and dread slowly falls into place.
I stay from where I fail to move,
waiting, anticipating. . . .
It's 2+ AM...Why in the world can't I sleep??? Fine...Maybe this shall be my final post this morning(gosh, my neighbourhood is already super-dark) before I retire..yar..yar...
The above poem was supposed to be a song...My bro has been bugging me for a! Secretly, I tried. He's into black metal. This song will change the genre to lame metal. Linkin Park and Staind calibre, maybe but nowhere near the likes of Dark Funeral or Emperor..whichever.
That's why this this thing remain in my personal collection(I never showed this to him anyway). The original version is in the verse-bridge-chorus-solo form but it looks better when converted into a poem.
Don't bother asking why my poems are all so sombre and moody. i personally have no idea. Maybe I was kinda' pissed or down. Maybe I write all these to release my frustration. Whatever it it, this method sure worked cos' I've forgotten why I'm down back then. You guys should try it sometime...Great therapy.

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