Saturday, May 01, 2004


I stay in the corner,
fearing to breathe.
As my tormentors walk past,
failing to notice-
the little, scrawny me,
the butt of every jokes.
My silent tears unseen,
my loudest cries unheard.
My outstretched arms unreached,
my many steps forgotten.
If I'm ignored,
I'll be very alone.
No one will come by,
no one to offer their help.
After all, I'm just me.
The untouchable-
little, scrawny me.
Y'all must be wondering, "What is this girl up to?"...Actually, when I start to write the above poem, I had no idea...Little did I know that it is going to be the start of more to come. I actually have more of these stuff but they disappear along with my other files after my dear ol' computer gave up on me. And that actually include my school projects. *sob..sob... Yar..yar..I noe, I'm supposed to have expected such things to happen..Back-ups..blah blah...Whatever.
Where was I? Oh, yah, that poem was the first serious one back then and I put it up on 2 weeks later, I receive a registered mail from the US, courtesy of saying that my poem has been selected for their coffee-book edition. Huh? I did a double-take and true enough, they are indeed compiling poems for their book. 2 others were selected too. By the 3rd letter, I lost all my excitement. The book is ex-, man. US$50++.. Thats almost S$100..Aiyoh..Not to mention the courier charges... I'd rather go travelling(well that's another storeee)....
I got a mail from them last month to go to the "Poet's Convention" at Washington D.C. No way, man! At my own expense, juz to read my poem in front of others? To get someone to read my poem, I have to pay a certain amount..Ish..Money sure talk, doesn't it?...fuhgettabouit!