Saturday, November 07, 2015

Happy Rollies

It was a spontaneous affair where I WA-apped my reliable cousin Timah asking if she's free that evening. Spontaneity works well for us, somehow.

There was a long queue just to get into the cafe and there was also some mini food bazaar right beside it (between Jalan Pinang & Jalan Pisang). I think it happens every weekends (seriously not sure)??

We were excited to see the popular ice-cream rolls stand and had this crazy idea to have some ice-cream while waiting.

A cup of large portion cost $5. We can choose 1-2 flavours.
Premium flavours: Brownies/Thai Milk Tea/Kinder Bueno/Caramel Biscuits (Speculoos)
Fruits: Banana/Strawberry/Lychee
Popular: Nutella/Oreo/Milo

Toppings are free.
Can choose 1 sauce: Maple syrup/Hershey Chcolate/Strawberry
And 1 crunch: Cornflakes/Rainbow sprinkles


They initially pour some thick cream/milk onto the ice-cold pan (thanks to liquid nitrogen).

Then, they add in 2 of our chosen flavouring item. We chose Kinder Bueno & Speculoos biscuits. They then proceed to mince & mix those items into the milk.


Later, they spread the well-mixed cream onto the flat base and let it harden up.

Scrape & roll

The hardened cream is now ice-cream and is scraped into numerous rolls and then placed into a cup.

Ta-dahh! End product.

Kinder bueno + speculoos + maple syrup is an awesome combo!

I was told that they do events too. Imagine having this stall at a wedding! Whee!!

Their Instagram

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