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I've heard so much about their famous Chempedak Creme Brulee. That and the fact that this cafe-bistro is helmed by the celebrity Chef Sufiyan Safee got me really curious to check this place out.

Last I heard, they don't allow any walk-ins? Reservations only (they'll only hold your table for 15mins max, so don't be late!). Got my cousins together and just nicely it was a cousin's birthday so we took the chance to celebrate and have a girls' night out.

Got a table at the corner of the 2nd storey and boy, was that place filled with 80% female crowd (the 20% are doting boyfriends accompanying their girls).

This place has been blogged all over so I'll just put up the pics. Lighting was seriously dim there so I had to really edit them pics.





Sides to share - Truffles fries and calamari rings (w/ salsa)

Just chillin'. A truffle fry and a calamari ring taking a dip in a tub of salsa sauce. #kravecafe
Just chillin'

A truffle fry and a calamari ring taking a dip in a tub of salsa sauce.


One of my cousin's order of 'Kraving Ayam Bakar'

It's really like some kinda' deconstructed Indonesian-style chicken satay served on a plate. Grilled marinated chicken, lontong (rice cakes), onions and yes- satay sauce.

Cousin @jujus_jamz order of Salmon Au Fromage. #kravecafe
Another cousin's 'Salmon Au Fromage'

Grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and tasty, cheesy sauce. I love those squash (zucchini & eggplant) strips on the side! My cousin can't seem to appreciate that so I gladly lap it all up!

Steak 'N' Chips #kravecafe #halalsg #sghalal
My order of 'Steak N Chips

Truthfully, I order this because I totally yearn to have them chipsss... I really, really miss those chips I've had Down Under and these looked closest to those I've had. Didn't know that the Truffle Fries uses this variant of chips too or I could have ordered another main like their pasta.

But then, I have to admit that they do their steaks pretty well. My cousin did the ordering at the counter and chose for mine to be of Medium doneness (thankfully!) and they did it right!




Another 3 cousins had a pasta each and all of them chose seafood pastas, albeit different versions. There's Marinara Seafood, Arrabbiata Seafood and Sambal Marinara.

All 3 plates looked similar to another. Can't figure out which is which, hence no labels. :P

Mr Lover Lava #kravecafe #desserts #halalsg #sghalal
Mr Lover Lava

Gooey Belgian chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream and berry compote.

Mars Attack #desserts #kravecafe #halalsg #sghalal
Mars Attack

Deep fried Mar bars with vanilla ice-cream. Always saw people eating the ones from Chippy's. Now I finally get to try.

If I can get the batter right... will try this myself!

Last but not least, the famed Chempedak Creme Brulee. #desserts #kravecafe #halalsg #sghalal

Last but not least, the famed Chempedak Creme Brulee.

Creamy, fragrant and not too sweet. 3 of us shared 1 ramekin of this. We really want to order more but held back. Next time, ya.

With the man himself

When he came up to greet his customers, the group of girls at the next table were clamouring to have a pic taken with him. When he came by our end, we also ask for a shot, lah.

28 Bali Lane
Singapore 189864

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tues -Thurs & Sunday: 11:30am - 10pm
Fri & Sat: 11.30am -11pm
Kitchen closed 4:45 - 6pm everyday

Their FB:


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