Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Lab SG

As I've mentioned previously, this was a spontaneous affair where it was a Friday and I feel the urge for some night out (blame it on PMS).

My cousin Timah was free that evening and we discussed about possible eateries to check out. It was between Peachy's In The Secret Hideout and The Lab SG. However, the pics Tim sent over from her previous experience at The Lab SG really did me in.

The only issue would have been the crowd (that's how we end up having some pre-meal ice-cream, in the prev. post).

While waiting to get into the cafe (it's a hipster joint, what do you expect?) we browsed through the menu. This place is popular among the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Food must be pretty good!

Menu 01

This page from the menu shows the side orders. Guess what we chose?

Menu 02

This page shows some of their burger collections.

Guess what was ordered out of these?

Menu 03

Some of the mains in the menu. What was selected…?

Menu 04

Which drink was selected from here?

And just what do those 'syringe' symbols mean? 💉

Menu 05

What fruity concoction was chosen from these…?

Timah's drinks order

The Hazelnut Chocolate. And those 'syringe' symbols literally meant that a syringe will accompany your drinks.

Inside is syrup so you can choose how sweet you want your drink to be. Oh the novelty! 💉

There's one drink that has blue curacao syrup inside the syringe.


Adding the syrup into the drink.

Trying not to have dirty thoughts there…

After this novel beverage my order of 'Fiber, My Dear' - a cold-press juice concoction of carrot, orange, pineapple & pear is just… boring.

Maybe that's why I didn't take any pic.😐

Rusty Chicken

Our chosen side order. Rusty Chicken (Ayam Karat).

Grilled mid-joint wings that's been marinated in honey & dates (how interesting!) with tangy sambal kicap (tastes like that) as a dip. 👍

I would prefer my grilled chicken to be more crispy and charred but then again it's just my preference.

The Lab Burger Stack

My order. The Lab Burger Stack.

Homemade beef patty and plump portobello mushrooms with melted mixed cheese and Danish blue cheese aioli.

A messy affair. Slurp! *licks fingers* 👌

This reminds me just how much I love, love, love sweet potato fries!! 🍟

Dipped in the accompanying salsa… Mmmmm…!

Side view

Various items being stacked between two buns… Indeed! 🍔


That blue cheese aioli is so shiok, can?!


Roasted chicken leg (with awesomely thin, crispy skin!) with French garlic thyme Veloute sauce dreaaaamy… sigh. Accompanied with roasted baby potatoes, baby carrots and (regular) broccoli.

Oh, I got to eat the veggies, of course! Thanks, babe. That's what I love about dining with this cousin of mine.

All veggies & mushrooms end up on my plate! Yummers! 😜

The Lab SG
1 Jln Pisang
Singapore 199069
Tel: 6299 5681

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 12:30 pm-10:00 pm
Sun: 1:00 pm-9:30 pm


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