Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bumbu Desa - Lucky Plaza

I asked my mum out after my doctor's appointment, since it's the eve of her birthday. However, she brought my 2 distant relatives; teenage girls from the small island of Blakang Padang along, since they were bunking over at her place for their school holidays. Oh well…

The day actually started off sunny. However after our Zuhur prayers at Al-Falah, the skies darkened and we didn't manage to go past Paragon, before the skies opened up. Being the only one with a small, folded umbrella, I volunteered to walked over the the shops at Lucky Plaza, buy an umbrella and send it to my group.

On the way, I noticed this really cool couple with 1 small folded umbrella each, actually asking around if anyone wants to share umbrellas with them to Lucky Plaza. And they were ferrying people to and from Paragon! Amazing!

Anyway, after that little adventure, we were really famished. Initial plans was to head to our favourite eatery, Ayam Bakar Ojolali but we somehow can't find it (this happens EVERYTIME!). While searching, we stumbled upon this small eatery, Bumbu Desa. I asked my mum if she want to try something new. She agreed.

Turns out, I've tried their food before.

I wasn't exaggerating with the term, 'small' for this premise. So cramped that when I sit, there's no more space for anyone to sit directly behind me so the seats had to be pushed underneath the table.

Menu board

Not exactly a wide array but the varieties are there.

Melinjo chips with sambal terasi

The crackers have already been packed into handy ziplock bags. Pretty useful for bringing back any uneaten remainders.

The sambal terasi that's served on the side is a little on the sweet side. But no less spicy! It also had visible bits of onions, which reminded me a lot like the Balinese sambal 'matah'.


Pretty forgettable, although I appreciate the taste of 'kencur' (aromatic ginger) in there.

May I suggest that they use smaller crockery next time? Especially when the food portions aren't too big. The large plate seemed to further underwhelm the already 'meh'-looking dish.

Sup sayur asem

Another forgettable dish. I've really forgotten how it taste like!

Satay Madura

One of the girls ordered this. I know that she isn't much of a heavy-eater but the portion had looked so dismal that she readily agreed when we suggest that she add-on a plate of rice.

Nasi Rames

Another girl opt for this (she must have been hungry).

Sigh… another dismal presentation. I think that even food bought from those Economy rice stall looked better when served.

That spot of gravy looked pathetic. With reference to the display picture, I had expected those curly fried noodles instead of that limp clump and there should be 2 pieces of chicken instead of that lone piece.

Bebek Goreng

And then my ordered dish arrived.

After having my expectations lowered by the other dishes, this one almost blew me away when it was served.

That was quite a sizeable piece of duck and it sure looks crispy! Well, it helps that it was served on a plate of the right size…

And it's yummy too! Very nicely marinated. I read somewhere that the marinated duck is usually steamed (ungkep) before being deep-fried for that crispy aftermath. Had a great time tearing off the crispy meat and dipping them in the given 'sambal terasi' and 'kecap manis'.

I savour every single bit of meat (using hands of course), down to nibbling at the bones. I guess they can always excuse it when a pregnant woman is eating with gusto.

I dare say that this version is even nicer that the one I had in Bandung.

Ikan Bakar Jimbaran

Surprisingly, I don't remember having this when at Jimbaran. Even when I was there, twice.

This version reminds me of the 'Ikan Panggang' served at where I used to stint at Sanur Indonesian Restaurant, once upon a time. Fish is simply marinated with salt and maybe tumeric, before being dipped in some soy sauce mixture, then grilled awhile.

It's then finish off in the deep-fryer for the delightful crispy finish.

Unlike Sanur, which used the sumptuous seabass; here it's simply freshwater fish (prolly a tilapia). The soy sauce coating did help to mask any muddy taste, thankfully.

My mum, ever the fish lover- she savoured this down to the bones, too.

Our lunch

Truth to be told, most the foods we had DO have that appetising taste. If you learn to ignore the really dismal presentation.

This is a place that doesn't really believe in the use of any garnishings, I guess.

Here are some pamphlets taken from the shop, for your reference.

…You're most welcome.

Bumbu Desa set menu
Weekend set menu

More set menu
Set menu

Lunch special
Lunch special

Did you manage to compare the pictures of the food on those pamphlets with the ones served to us?? How can I not have high expectations initially, you tell me?!

Even the names makes the dishes sound sooo good! Ayam Goreng Makassar, Ayam Goreng/Iga Mak Nyus, Rawon Mojokerto… Agh! Sound so delish!

Oh wait. **All Picture Are For Reference Only**

Darn, you didn't say…!

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