Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paris Baguette

Ahhh… it's been a while since my lady boss gave in to her sweet-tooth impulses and splurge on pastries and cakes for tea time.

She came back one afternoon, gleefully lugging a large bag with 'PARIS BAGUETTE' on it. She excitedly remarked that Paris Baguette is as common in South Korea as Delifrance or BreadTalk is, over here.

I guess that's why she got curious and decide to give the ones here a try. She grumbled about them being expensive though, for she remembered the ones in Korea were much reasonably priced.


The cake on the left is a mound of vanilla mousse & covered with fluffy sponge cake cubes. It has these 2 interesting-looking small liquid droppers containing really tart berry sauces. To squirt into the mousse before consumption.

On the right is Mille Feuille.  Layers of crispy, flaky pastry with slightly sweet cream (or custard??) in between. Nicer than Flor Patisserie's version, actually.

Tiramisu mille crêpe

I'm somewhat disappointed that this isn't a 100% mille crêpe. Some layers actually use sponge cake to easily add up to the height.

Oh~my baby Crepe~

This is one of their best sellers. I guess that's why it got itself that special (albeit mushy) name? Otherwise, this can easily be called, 'Raspberry mille crêpe'.

Reminds me a lot like a strawberry shortcake, in mille crêpe form.

'Sunny Breezy' lemon tart

My favourite of the lot. I love citrus-sy desserts. It helps that this wasn't too sweet, too.

photo 1
Royal Pudding

She also bought something that's kept in this insulated foil pouch. Took it out and out came these two:

photo 2
Milk puddings

2 cute milk jars filled with mil-based pudding and flavoured with what looks like coffee/chocolate and mango, maybe?

I don't know yet because I haven't try. Sugar overdose on the cakes already.

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