Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wimbly Lu ~ Chocolate.Cafe.Company

After a quick company lunch, we hopped over to this confectionery located a few doors down.You can drop by after lunch because this place only open its doors at 1pm.

Most patrons are usually those who dined at the neighbouring restaurants and came by here for desserts and coffee. And oh, there's this really cute, vintage Beetle parked outside. Totally add to the charm of this place.

Display area

This was what you'll see at the entrance. Didn't give me much of an idea as to how the interior looked like, inside.

If I were to judge this place from what I see here, I'd say that I expect to enter a warm kitchen with rustic, country-like interiors; with traditional English food being served. Maybe even a grandma-like lady manning the kitchen. Very Jane Austen-esque.

Fridge display

This was at the counter. Already looked tempting!

Top shelf was éclairs and something else. Second shelf from right were: Rocky Road bars, Hazelnut Butterscotch bars and Brownies.

Bottom shelf from right were: Bread & Butter pudding, Tiramisu and Chocolate Crème Brûlée.

Right beside this fridge was a display area showcasing the various chocolate truffles available. Yes, I know! Sorry I forgot to snap a pic. :(

Preparation cum display area
(pic courtesy of my colleague Sri)

At this point, I was already enthralled by the refreshment area towards the back and totally forgot about this corner.

On the far right was the Blackout cake. Next to it was the Flourless Orange cake and the 3 slices of dark cakes in the martini glass was the Root Beer Float cake.

And yes, those are éclairs, ready to be stuffed with cream.

Cozy corner

The stained glass partition meant to shied this cosy area from a view of the restroom entrance at the back.

These antique rattan chairs with that ornate wrought-iron coffee table gives a nostalgic feel to this little corner. The rattan armchair with the floral cushions at the end were exactly what my grandma had last time. Really miss them. They're really comfy!

Suddenly think that if only I can get my hands back on the whole sofa set (already discarded), I'll refurbish them by painting them white and use them for my new abode. Sigh.

Sweet little 'garden' corner

My colleague jokingly suggest that I take off my shoes and feel the (carpet) grass under my feet. I love it actually. Don't mind sitting in this corner and take off my shoes as I sip on my coffee and have a little gossip with my gal friend.

Bright, sunlit refreshment area towards the back

Can get a bit warm here around mid-day, though.

Totally digg the rustic, exposed brick walls. Really adds to the vintage appeal of this space. And the black 'iron-like' clock-face? Awesome.

Too many eateries are using this quirky concept of having different chairs at every table. Won't be long before everyone tires of it. But hey, they still manage to spice up the interiors here. So why not?

The cozy corner where we're seated at

This seat reminds me a lot like the 'kerusi Pak Awang' that we used to have. Back then, the covers for the individual square cushions were easily available. I remember just how I dislike changing every individual covers come Hari Raya.

Just changing the material to a more chic fabric like faux leather (PVC) totally change the image of this 'old-skool' furniture.

This lady posted a lot of pics of the interior in her BLOG.

Next entry will be dedicated to the decadent stuff we had that afternoon…


Wimbly Lu ~ Chocolate.Cafe.Company
15-2 Jalan Riang
(located within the landed housing area off 
Braddel Road/ Upper Srangoon Road/ Serangoon Ave 3 
- Near Nanyang Junior College)

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