Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olivye Cafe menu

After our dinner at 89.7 Supper Club, we walked to the far end to the block, to appease my mum, who was worried that Olivye Cafe might have closed down.

I know that she had been really curious about the food offering but I need to find a suitable occasion that will warrant us to dine there.

I spotted their menu light-box display near the bus stop outside. If you're curious about their food (like my mum) you can check the list out:

Chicken & Seafood

Pastas & red meats

Set Meals


One of the gelato fridges

My Peppermint Choc. Chip gelato (small)

The mint flavour was just right. Not too strong that you feel like you're drinking the Axe Oil. And the substantial chocolate chunks almost remind me of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

My parents shared the tangy Wild Berries flavour while my bro made a great choice of Chempedak (jackfruit). It really tasted like frozen chempedak being churned out!

I can't resist trying out my favourite candy flavour- Honey lemon. In all honesty, it taste like the HACKS cough drops with the white wrappers.

Another thing, while I was suveying the various flavours, my bro was placing order and making payment at the counter. Suddenly I heard a little kid with a hacking cough beside me. It was my own son, who kinda' followed us in. Next thing I knew, my bro came over to tell me that the kiddo had puked. Right in front of the cashier!

…In all its green glory (remember the 'Wheatgrass Bandung'?).

First thing I did was to rush him out to my parents and wipe his mouth. My mum then asked, 'Did you clean up after him?" Goodness! I rushed back into the shop (thankfully, my bro was still in there) and apologised profusely. The staff there were kind enough to say, "It's ok. We'll clean up later." Phew!

Luckily, I bought 3 cups of gelato that evening. Imagine all the ruckus caused and I had no intention to buy any…?

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