Tuesday, September 18, 2012

89.7 Supper Club at Changi

My poor hubby. He never told me where he wanted to eat but he told my indecisive brother instead. My bro told me he wanted Charcos, initially.

Next I heard, he wanted Botak Favourites. So I suggested Changi. Then again, Changi on a weekend night? Good luck on the parking! All the lots at the large open carparks were taken up so I suggested the carparks behind Blk 5, which we were heading to, anyway.

Instead of driving all the way in, my bro parked at an available lot located near the entrance for fear that there may not be any more lots inside. That also meant that we had to walk allll the way down. It's almost 100metres to where we're headed.

We came upon the packed 89.7 Supper Club first and the noise plus crowd kinda' made us muddled, especially after the long walk. Botak's Favourites was located next door but my hubby was taken aback to see that almost everyone had bottles of beer on the table (it's a Chinese coffee shop).

We eventually settled at a table at 89.7 SC, anyway (they have many staff who were more then willing to usher you in). My mum then ask me, "That gelato shop close down already? And Teh Tarik also?"

My poor mum must have been so exhausted after the long walk that she got confused. I told her that despite walking THAT far, we still have yet to reach that area, which is at the far end. Believe me, Blk 5 Changi Village is really long.

Menu Board

The following food pictures are arranged according to the sequence at which they were served to us.

The servers here use the 'palm' device to send the orders straight to the kitchen, meaning that they might have started preparing our food even before we finish making our full order (wonder what will happen when a previous order got cancelled, huh?).

Barely 5 mins after we were done ordering, the food start to arrive. I-kid-you-not! I even thought that they've sent to the wrong table. Good for the really ravenous folks.

My kiddo hogging the 'Wheatgrass Bandung' for himself

Yes, you read right. When I first heard my bro ordering it, I was like, "What's that?" he just shrugged, so my crazy imagination had me thinking that it's a Bandung drink with wheatgrass syrup added to it. Can you imagine the colour??

Pink + green = some brownish hue. Maybe akin to ice Milo?? *shudders*
As it turn out, the term 'bandung' in this aspect, refers to a drink with evaporated milk added to it. So 'Wheatgrass Bandung' is the milky version, la!

Anyway, my bro barely had a sip of his drink before the tall, icy, green glass caught the kiddo's attention and insisted to have a try. After a sip, he decide that the drink was a keeper. So my poor bro was left hanging.

Fried Calamari

Fried squid is more like it. Can't help thinking that the ones we had previously actually tasted and also looked better.

This one looked very hurriedly prepared (no surprised, there). Thankfully it's cooked just right so no instances of 'rubberband' squid rings here.

Beef fried rice

When I heard that my bro want to order fried rice, I asked if he's willing to give a small portion to my kiddo (so that I can choose my own order). But he remarked that he was too hungry and that he want his rice to be spicy.

When he placed his order, he told the server that he wanted his fried rice to be spicy: meaning that he want the rice to be red and cooked with sambal. When the dish arrived, he was aghast to see that the server had totally misinterpreted him. To make it spicy, all they did was to add some cut-up 'chili padi'. He ended up digging the 'chili padi' out. Pfft!

And look at how bare the plate of fried rice was. Rice, slices of beef and egg. THAT'S ALL.

Chicken Doner kebab

My dad's order. Took me 3 tries just to get this shot taken. He totally don't get it; why I love to take pictures of food on my table.

He wanted the red meat version which would have been mutton but only chicken was available. He chose this because he wanted something 'light'. I doubt this was any 'lighter' than the rice and noodles that the rest of us had.

Seafood Hor Fun

My mum's order. My hubby had the beef version. One look and I can't help remarking that the gravy was too runny for a Hor Fun (typical gravy is slightly thick/starchy).

And from the way they looked as they eat, I can tell that the don't enjoy it. I even asked my mum, "How was it?" She pouted and shook her head. So there.

Cereal Prawns

Thankfully, they didn't screw this dish up. Cos' I ordered a chicken fried rice (very similar to my bro, sans chili padi) to share with my kiddo and this was to be the saving grace that'll help me finish my plate of bland fried rice.

Prawns were firm and fresh, they cut-off the tip of the head which is a plus and the cereal bits taste great. 

Cheese fries

My bro can't resist ordering this.

Later on, when he realised how dismal his fried rice was, he had wanted to order some chicken wings but those will come with more fries and we already had a plate of this. He skipped the chicken wings, eventually.

Spicy steamed chicken feet

What most surprised us was that the order that came from the dimsum list actually came last. I thought that this might arrive first as it had been sitting in the steamer all the while but I guess not. Maybe they popped this in only upon our order.

We totally expect the soy-sauce version as what we always get elsewhere. But the chicken feet here turned out to be red so we expect something like the sweet taste of 'char siew'. Never did my parents expect it to be spicy! Despite the initial shock, my parents braved through the heat and continued to nibble on these savoury claws anyway.

I can only watch. I don't know when it happened but I actually find chicken feet to be pretty disgusting as I grew up. Even though I totally enjoyed them as a kid. When I instagram-ed this pic, some Scandinavian guy remarked that they looked like human hands! Yeach!

Overall, we were pretty let down by the food here, in all honesty. Such overwhelming variety but the preparation and taste were kinda lacking. Might be a case of quantity over quality?

PS: I spot the one-time famous Sri Bistari Ayam Penyet stall at the coffee shop next door (same as Botak's Favourites).

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