Monday, August 06, 2012


Let's take a break from all that food, shall we?

Some nice pics from the time when hubby's aunt informed us of her son's invitation to come over to his workplace some time in mid June (yes, I obviously lagged behind in my updates).

The kids had a whale of a time swimming away at the infinity pool at the top of MBS. My helper was more than happy to jump in and mind the kids (while putting to good use, the swimwear that my mum gave her).

And I went trigger happy as I walked back and forth the whole area, going ooh-ahh over the magnificent views from up there.

The stretch of infinity pool


The kiddie pool

My kiddo's haunt for that day.

The infinity pool

Spot Bukit Timah in the distance?

Jacuzzi with views facing the other side 

This is the view that remind me just how much I miss the sand & surf of Gold Coast, Australia.

MBS shadow

...Over Gardens By the Bay


Headed over to the Sky Park; right on time to catch the parachuters jumping off, for the NDP rehearsal.

Sun set at the Sky Park

Managed to catch the gorgeous sunset views, when we're THAT high up. Awesome!

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