Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fish & Co. Express

I've been hankering for a good ol' fish sandwich (or burger as you may call it) since the past few days. I guess I can attribute it to me just getting sick of Malay food in general, considering I've been gorging on those since Raya Day 01.

And by 'fish sandwich', I'm referring to those battered fish fillets and not the el cheapo, supermarket-bought, breadcrumbed ones. Yeah, yeah... Being picky, I know...

I almost bought the Fish Wrap from Long John Silver and by gosh, thankfully, I didn't. Honestly, their batter seemed to be harder and saltier nowadays. Plus I don't like their wrap. I much prefer the corn-dusted buns which they used previously.

Menu board

Anyway, I recall that there's a Fish & Co Express at Downtown East- some 10 mins walk from home. And the food fared wayyyy better. Oh, did I mention that their pricing is more value-for-money (burger value meal comes at $5.95)?

Plus, I totally adore the varieties that they offer. Burgers, seafood sets, spaghetti/rice sets, mixed platters and snacks. There's even their 'international' range of Fish & Chips. And there's not just seafood. For eg, their burgers; there's also chicken, veggie and even Philly cheese steak! And their platters comes with either nachos or rice. Whoa!

I really, really hope that they won't partake in drastic cost-cutting measures where they slash many items off the menu to minimise the available options. That would have been really sad. :(

My only gripe was that they use those generic, thin shoestring fries, unlike those thick ones served at their main restaurants. Well, what can we expect?

Fish chowder

They have the 'soup-of-the-day' option and somehow it's always Fish Chowder whenever I'm there. I really wonder, what other soups do they serve besides this?

But this soup wasn't as starchy as those serve at other fast-food outlets, thankfully. And when eaten warm, it's most comforting. Comes with bits of dory fish inside.

Fried calamari

Something that I never fail to order when here. Be it at Fish & Co. or their express outlets. I just love their generous cuts of calamari and the batter used to coat them!


Famous fish burger

I only had my eyes on this, prior to making my order. I'll excuse the fact that the bun wasn't those corn-dusted, sourdough kind because the thick slab of battered fish fillet was awesome! There's cheese and surprise, surprise... onions! So all you onion-haters, you'd better ask for them to omit that pet peeve of yours when ordering this.

You can also check out this pretty informative article for more details. And HERE is their FB.

Fish & Co. Express
No.1 Pasir Ris Close #01-40B
E!Hub at Downtown East
Singapore 519599

They have branches at NUS & Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital too.

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